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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to Taylor Hicks and the Soul Patrol!

Happy New Year's to Taylor Hicks and the Soul Patrol! We hope you have a blessed and happy 2009! We thought we would bring back this wonderful video, that reminds us of Taylor's accomplishments in 2008. Enjoy! 2009 will bring a new journey for all of us , we look forward to seeing you there!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

With Inspiration from Taylor Hicks, Happy Holidays from Taylor's Angels!

As we enjoy family and friends during this holiday season, we are reminded of the many blessings we have shared within the Soul Patrol Community. Not even two years ago, we each were separate, not knowing the boundless opportunities and friendships that waited as Taylor Hicks captured his dream. Now, our community is like a tapestry, woven together to support the career and artistry of the phenomenal talent of Taylor Hicks.

In celebration of the incredible accomplishments of individuals and groups within the Soul Patrol and to wish Taylor Hicks a joyous holiday season we, with your help, compiled this video that is now on it's way to Taylor himself! Our heartfelt gratitude is extended to each of you who assisted us in making this keepsake 2008 DVD.

For those who participated, a complimentary copy is on the way! Thanks also for your support throughout the year in our efforts to help others in need and to “Tay it Forward”!

And finally to Taylor himself:

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Thank you for giving of yourself and making a difference in so many lives. As you have blessed us, it is our prayer that you and your family and friends will have a joyous holiday season and that the New Year be full of blessings!

Merry Christmas and a wonderfully successful 2009! May God continue to bless and guide you!

~ Leslie, Tina and Teri

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Taylor Hicks... On The Road Again!

Taylor Hicks is on the road again reprising his role as "Teen Angel" in the national touring production of Grease! He has just finished recording a new CD which is due to be released February 10th, along with a new DVD called "Whomp At The Warfield".
Taylor will also start his own national tour later in 2009!
According to Taylor, the fans will get a preview of the single from that CD, during the Grease shows once the single is released.

" Once the album is finished, I will be doing a single off of the record. And then I will be doing a very intimate national club tour alongside the Grease tour, hopefully in each market we perform in. I'm pretty excited that the new music will start to grow legs from a live perspective. I'm actually going into really cool, intimate clubs across the country, performing new material before I go out on tour myself." ~ Taylor Hicks (interview with Sherry Lipton)

Taylor In The Studio

"My idea for this record was to try and find the greatest songs I possibly could. For me, having the time to be able to write and to be able to have those songs around me for an extended amount of time... I wanted to kind of live with the songs for awhile. I feel like my instincts on Idol were very similar to my instincts on this record. I've tried to really put great songs around me. In today's music - if you buy a CD, a whole album of songs - a lot of the songs are often similar in the way that they sound. But for me, there's a lot of different styles that I think are reflective of my artistic expression. I think with this record I've been able to hopefully take the listener on a musical journey into the songs I've written, and a lot of them touch on different styles. But the common thread is my voice. There's a lot of storytelling in the songs. I've been able to hop into different genres and pull out the greatest music that I can." ~ Taylor Hicks ( interview with Sherry Lipton)

For more information on Grease tour dates please visit :

Taylor's Angels wishes Taylor Hicks all the best on his new journey! See ya on the road!

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