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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taylor Hicks....... Walking in Memphis!

Taylor Hicks grooves Memphis and has taken it by storm! He arrived yesterday and visited Graceland. He also did an interview with Sirius Radio. You can listen to it here:

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(capture by Gypsee @Tmo)

(picture credit: TMO)

Last night he attended the Liberty Bowl President's Gala at The Peabody Hotel where he received an award and performed for the audience. There were plenty of Soul Patrol members at the event and everyone agreed that he rocked the house !

(photo credit EJ)

The Setlist
Taylor Hicks Concert
Liberty Bowl President’s Gala
Memphis, TN
Peabody Hotel
December 28, 2007

Brian Less, Piano/Organ
Josh Smith, Guitar
Al (Boogie) Carty, Bass
Jeff Lopez, Sax
Felix Pollard, Drums

Rockin Pneumonia/Hey Pockey Way
Gonna Move
Give Tonight
Just To Feel That Way
My Friend
Naked in the Jungle
Medicated Goo
Heaven Knows
The Maze
The Runaround
Encore: Soul Thing
(courtesy of the Boogie Board Cellcert)

(picture credit: EJ)

Stay tuned!!! We will be posting live pictures and video of the Liberty Bowl as it happens!!! It starts at 4:30 EST!!!!!

They have arrived!


Halftime has started:


Videos have come back with no sound... they are on their way home with Digital Camera Video. Taylor sang 2 songs and in the Runaround quit singing to dance with the St. Jude's kids... Too Cute.

Here are some short clips:

We have Video!!!

(capture by WildRosegirl)

Taylor Hicks at The Liberty Bowl from cydter on Vimeo.

Taylor Hicks at the Liberty Bowl - Heaven Knows from cydter on Vimeo.

Leslie-- Liberty Bowl from Leslie Mozingo on Vimeo.

Hey there, Soul Patrol!!! This is Leslie. Just thought I'd add a brief recap. I arrived at the Liberty Bowl shortly before the game started-- not because we were running late, we had started out for the game in plenty of time, but traffic was a real bear! The mood of the crowd was very festive and polite and we had absolutely no problems getting into the stadium.

We had no idea which gate to enter, so we decided to go into the closest one, and, lo and behold, our section was right there at the top of the gate! We had fantastic seats-- about the 35 yard line and 17 rows up from the bench of the Mississippi State team. We were sitting on the SEC side, but it appeared to us that most of the stadium WAS the SEC side!

Now, I come from a long line of Mississippi State alums on my dad's side of the family and I've been to my fair share of Bulldawg games, although it's been a while--apparently QUITE a while because I had completely forgotten how loud the fans can get with their cowbells. Cowbells? Yes-- and I don't know the entire history, but, suffice it to say that MSU started as an agricultural school, someone along the way incorporated a cowbell as a "cool" school symbol, and it's never left. Having said that, if you haven't been to an MSU game, then visualize yourself sitting smack dab in the middle of 60 thousand VERY vocal and diehard fans, covered in maroon, screaming their lungs out while waiving their cowbells-- some peoople even had one for each hand. Maybe I'm out of practice for these games, or maybe I'm getting old, but one thing is for certain: I found myself getting a horrible headache and sending a text to a friend pleading "NO MORE COWBELLS!!!" Sorry, Will Farrell, but, NO! we don't need anymore cowbells! LOL!

Halftime came and each school's band had a chance to perform briefly. Both schools, MSU and University of Central Florida, had huge bands and both did a great job. And then, the moment the Soul Patrol had waited for-- THE stage was being wheeled out onto stage and Taylor Hicks was being announced!!!

Taylor looked great in jeans and jacket. On stage with him were children who are patients at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. No band, just Tay and the kids-- Oh, and some woman in a red ballgown-- I still haven't figured out who she was, but she looked pretty!! LOL!

Taylor started off with Heaven Knows. His voice sounded great and he gave us a lot of his trademark dancing and whirls. He went immediately into The Runaround with more dancing. Unfortunately, about halfway through the song, Taylor's mic went out completely. No advance warning, no advance staticky noises-- just OUT. Being the trooper that he is, Taylor seemed to take this in stride and just started dancing on the stage with the children from St. Jude's. It was really sweet and a good save to an otherwise major mess up!

With that, the half time show ended and Taylor left the stage only to get lost in the crowd.

My friends and I stayed around for a bit more of the game, but decided to leave only because we were all freezing and no amount of hot chocolate was going to warm us up.

I believe MSU wound up winning the game and if I listen real closely, I can still hear the clanging of 60 thousand cowbells in celebration!!! Congratulations to both teams for having a great year in football and congratulations to Taylor on this memorable weekend.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taylor Hicks' Return to Nashville and Fulfillment of a Dream

Taylor Hicks spent over a year in Nashville, prior to appearing on American Idol, writing his music and waiting for that one big break to have his music heard and published. One day with no prospects in sight and when he felt that his chances for this happening had eluded him, he walked to the Ryman Auditorium in the early morning hours when the streets were still with only a few people stirring around. Taylor Hicks walked around the Ryman several times dreaming of one day playing at the Ryman Auditorium and sharing his music with the world. In some ways he probably thought that this was only a dream, but one dream that he hoped would one day come true. Little did he know what what was in store for him.
This is what one supporter/fan shared of that special moment when Taylor Hicks' dream of playing at the Ryman Auditorium came true.

Nashville, Tennessee is the "Country Musical Capital" of the world. Nashville is
also a very tough town, even for the best and the brightest. Living in Bakersfield, California has taught me a little about both titles. Bakersfield is known as Nashville-West. In the 1950s, when Nashville started adding flutes and violins to their over orchestrated hits, Bakersfield’s musicians, like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard responded by pickin’ the Fender Telecasters in the City’s honkytonks. In my employment at the County Museum, I walk by sequined pants worn by Barbara Mandrell and double-neck Mosrite guitars each day. Country music is never far my thoughts and its history is literally around the corner from my desk.

In March 2007, I had a chance to visit Nashville as part of my Taylor Hicks seven-concert swing through the south. I called the trip, “The Grits and Hicks Tour 2007”. Nashville, apart from Birmingham, was to be the highlight of the trip. I was not disappointed.


I arrived in Nashville after leaving Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville, with its broad freeways and new construction, reminded me of Orange County, California. (Just a note about Huntsville, I really liked the town. During my visit, I saw street sweepers cleaning up the area’s poorest neighborhoods. I give kudos to a town that does not give up on its poor.) With my rental car’s GPS system, navigating the one-way streets in downtown Nashville was a snap. I was staying at the Marriot Courtyard because of its proximity to the Ryman. The bellman at the Marriot was gracious, but hesitated to give me the name of the closest sushi restaurant when asked. He said the owner of “Sam’s Sushi Bar” had requested that the Courtyard not send over any guests. Wow, you know it’s a tough town when a hole-in-the-wall sushi purveyor does not want out-of-towners leaving their soiled cash behind. (If you are ever in Nashville and want great inexpensive sushi, please visit Sam’s at 200 Fourth Avenue North – tell him someone staying at the Courtyard across the street recommended his place!)

There were dozens of Soul Patrollers strolling the halls and hanging out in the lobby of the Courtyard. Once a bank, the Courtyard’s lobby is beautiful. Its over stuffed couches and internet access made it a mecca for the SP member away from their DSL/lifeline connection. As we all scattered to various restaurants for dinner, I hooked up with one of my favorite SP members, RED. (Of course, her name isn’t RED and only Miss Clairol knows if she really is RED, but for her privacy, I will call her RED here) RED and I headed down to Broadway for dinner; it is a major thoroughfare and was located down the hill and just passed the Ryman. A real southern lady and Vanderbilt graduate, RED knew Nashville. After good food and terrific conversation, we decided to troll Broadway for great country music.

In Amsterdam, women of the evening stand in storefront windows enticing passersby with their wares. Nashville has a similar marketing system. Small three and four piece combo bands, crowd into tiny storefront stages and perform with their backs to the pedestrians along Broadway and hopefully to a full bar of drinking patrons in front of them. RED and I checked out a few of the bands and ended up at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. Probably the best known of the small clubs on Broadway, the band at Tootsie’s was wonderful. With all of the schlock on the radio today, I am ALWAYS dumbfounded when I hear extraordinary talent in clubs that charge .25 cents to use the restroom. The band in Tootsie’s was on fire and the middle-of-the-week crowd loved every hard jamming country minute. RED and I stood near the front and enjoyed the show on the stage. RED would tell you I was solicited by a Hottie Blonde that appeared entranced by the buttons on my blouse and by a Cowboy that suffered from manorexia. All I will say is that what happens at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge stays at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

After a near kidnapping by a gypsy cab and an attempt to visit the Bluebird Cafe, RED and I headed back to the Courtyard and talked until 4AM in the morning.

After waking up at the crack of 9AM, I dressed quickly and went exploring alone. All of the earnest hard working people of Nashville were scurrying to work with Starbucks and Blackberry’s clutched in their gloved hands. With my own coffee in hand, I walked the few blocks to the Ryman and sat down across the street from the Mother Church of Country Music. Dwarfed by the large buildings that surround it, the Ryman looks out of place amongst the steel, glass, and concrete. There is a nice new visitor entrance out front, but it still seems incongruous with its surroundings. I noticed in the ally behind the Ryman there was a familiar Provost Bus parked and I decided it was time to take the Ryman Museum Tour.

The Ryman is part auditorium, part museum, and the sanctorum of country music. I heard half a dozen languages spoken as I waited to purchase my ticket for the Museum Tour. When I entered the auditorium, I noticed the Taylor Hicks’ road crew had already set the stage with the band’s amplifiers and instruments. The “Taylor Hicks” light on the curtain that appeared at the previous four shows I had attended had not yet been lit.


The Ryman building is much larger than the auditorium you have seen in videos. A docent does not guide the Museum Tour, so I was provided an opportunity to explore all parts of the facility on my own. While sitting in a pew in the balcony, they lit the “Taylor Hicks” sign on the curtain. I took a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to a friend. It was posted on Gray Charles within minutes (Love Technology).


While touring the building and reading its interpretative exhibit panels, I noticed that a film crew was setting up in the balcony area. A tall gentleman that was organizing the setup asked if I was a Taylor Hicks fan. I said sure and he suggested that I wait nearby. Within, minutes Taylor joined the film crew, just a couple of feet from where I was standing. There were about a dozen of us up on the balcony. This is what my camera captured.

After the interview Taylor checked out the Ryman’s stage area

After taking a few more pictures of the Ryman’s interior, I headed to Sam’s for sushi.


While the Ryman had its share of Soul Patrol in its pews that night, the majority of the audience was local. Men, women, and children that had sent text messages and dialed for their gray-haired blue-eyed soul singer during American Idol awaited his live performance with much chatting and anticipation. I had somehow been blessed and the TicketMaster gods had smiled on me and awarded me with a seat in a pew next to the stage. My view was super and the show was awesome. Loren lead the band in lock-step behind every move that Taylor made. Taylor worked each part of the stage.

After the show, lots of folks hung out around the buses. RED and I had made plans to have dinner at the same place as the previous evening, so I skedaddled out of the venue and crossed the street to the perch I found early in the morning and waited for RED. Besides the traffic immediately next to the venue, downtown was quiet. I was reminded how lonely large cities can be at night. Stripped of bustling daily commerce and lunchtime inhabitants, Nashville’s downtown after 10PM during the middle of the week was very quiet. As I walked down to the restaurant on Broadway, I could image how difficult this town must be for people chasing their dreams. Singers that stick it out in places like Nashville are driven. My own aunt’s experience reinforced Nashville’s mythology as a town that can suck the very life out of a creative person. My aunt, that today pulls down a hefty six-figure salary, once lived in the restrooms in Lebanon State Park about 30 miles from Nashville for three winter months while looking for work in the Nashville area. As I pulled my coat tighter around me, I could understand the desperation and subsequent depression that someone must feel when they are doing everything they can possibly do to make their dreams come true, yet having little to no success in turning their dreams into reality. It’s not about working hard enough or wanting it more than anything else; those two things and $4.35 will buy you a Venti White Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks, but little else. That is the worst part of it, the seemingly lack of control over your own financial and creative future.

RED was a no show at dinner, so I took the time and began to plan a video on a cocktail napkin that would convey my gratitude to Mr. Hicks for sticking out the rough times in Nashville. I was very interested in doing something from the perspective of the stage. I wanted to record the time and moment when Mr. H returns to Nashville as a conquering hero. Written, it looks like hyperbole, but when my aunt returned to Nashville last year and was picked up by a limo at the airport, the ghosts of twenty years ago magically faded away and she no longer dreaded crossing the Mason-Dixon. I created the video below in hopes that it would serve as a reminder to Mr. Hicks that those ghosts are gone and his future his alone to determine.

I would like to thank RED, the Hottie Blonde, Sam the Sushi Nazi, and the Cowboy with manorexia for an absolutely fabulous visit to Nashville. I would like to thank Taylor Hicks for reminding each of us to believe in our dreams.

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Winston Churchill

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taylor Hicks Holds A Revival In Chicago

In response to Taylor’s Angel’s request to highlight various fan sites of Taylor Hicks, we received the following submission from the Sarasota Soul Patrol! It is one of their favorite posts of the year and was written by “soulthinggirl”. It is with her permission that we share this wonderfully funny recap of one of the best performances by Taylor Hicks of his 2007 tour. We hope that you enjoy reliving this memorable night!

It's 3:30 in the morning and I feel as though I died and went to Heaven tonight… or last night, or whenever it was. I don't know what's up, down or sideways right now. By the way, who am I? I'm barely vertical as I sit here with my head leaning ever so closely to the keyboard. If you see the same letter being typed over and over and over again, it's because I fell over and smacked the keyboard! I can't believe I'm sitting here typing right now. But I can't help myself. My head is on overload from everything I took in tonight. I can't shut it off. I'm trying. Help!! MOMMY!

Tonight, I went to the Chicago House of Blues in Chicago and watched a revival at its finest, followed quickly by mass murder. Taylor's evil twin once again emerged and one by one picked his victims out of the crowd and killed them. Then, he cremated them. And all this was before he even parted the waters. Okay, am I getting a little carried away here? No, no, I don't think I am!

Now, let’s take this from the beginning. I leave work at noon and start the drive by myself to the House of Blues. An hour after I started the trip, I get off on Lake Shore Drive, make a couple of turns, and merge onto Dearborn Street. May I humbly add that I am quite proud of myself (is that an oxymoron or just moron?) that I managed my way around the one way, wrong way, get outta my way, you must be from the suburbs, OMG that bus almost hit me, turn back idiot, that cab's on my rear, don't turn here unless you want to die, it's all over, typical street pattern of Chicago! But then, there it is! Right in front of me is a bee-yu-ti-ful big sign looming overhead at the corner....

Now that I made the first hurdle and found the venue, I have to figure out the parking. I knew the House Of Blues has valet parking and being by myself in the big bad city, I wanted a parking garage as close to the place as possible. I look directly up as I approach the HOB and see what looks like a giant sized, cemented over, corkscrew shape piece of macaroni jutting up into the sky with giant sized stationary matchbox cars that looked like they had been squeezed inside of it. I think to myself, “Do I have to drive my way up into that monstrosity in this little tiny Hyundai with the putt-putt engine?". Help!! MOMMY!!! I'm hoping to myself that this could be where the valet comes in as the “pasta garage” is directly across from the side of the House of Blues, separated only by a small street that is clearly used for the cars to come in and out of the garage onto Dearborn Street.

I pull my car up and around and a very nice man comes over and confirms with me that it's the HOB valet parking garage and he will park the car. Joy! Rapture! I wanted to give him a great big hug but, wisely, I just gave him the keys and left him with the car.

After waiting in line for 4 hours, finally, about 6:00 the doors flew open and insanity ensued. After a mad scramble to stake our place, my friends that I had met in line and I ended up about four people deep on the right side of the stage. At this point it really starts to hit me… I'm really here and this is about to happen. I must've done something right somehow, somewhere, sometime in my life to be here now. This is some gift!

As we waited for Michael Warren to make his opening act appearance, the crowd got bigger and squishier and closer as the people poured in. By the end of the evening I could have sworn I married the Elvis look-alike next to me. Help!! MOMMY!!! Yes, I actually had an Elvis look-alike next to me. I have to give the guy credit for his attempt to impersonate the King with his 6'3" big-boned and stocky frame, complete with ducktail hair and bushy sideburns. I didn't ask him if he was an impersonator. I wanted to, but I was too “skeered”. Actually, I was afraid he might say he was Elvis, he was alive and he was coming out of hiding to see his heir apparent- Mr. Taylor Hicks! This guy was hilarious during the concert! He kept raising his beer-filled plastic glass up to Taylor in a salute when he came to our side. With the guy towering over the crowd, I knew Taylor saw him, and a couple of times Taylor looked at me as if he wanted to say, "Are you actually with this guy?"! It was all I could do to keep myself from yelling, "No, Taylor! I swear, I never saw this guy before in my life!”

Yes, I digressed! But remember it is 3:30 in the morning…

When Michael Warren’s set was over, the band strolled onto the stage, sat down, strapped on and got down as Soulfinger began! And right on cue, Taylor appeared! The screams from the crowd were deafening. He was in fine fashion, overflowing with the music as it poured out of him. He had his wonderful "Soul Patrol" guitar strap over his shoulder with that beautiful guitar hooked to it. Taylor did a short tease of Want Ads in between Rough God Goes Riding and Let's Get it On. He introduced The Maze, but the music for Give Me Tonight started playing! Taylor turned around to the band and gave a slight laugh. I don't know if he was trying to confuse the band since he had already sung The Maze previously or if he had gotten confused and realized his mistake and laughed. Either way, it was funny! I loved Give Me Tonight live because he made it bluesy sounding, added a rock 'n roll touch to it, and turned it quite funky. It really rocked! During Dance to the Music, Taylor tagged onto it a couple of lines of Ride Sally Ride. Also, starting out Dance to the Music, he yelled out the infamous beginning of it, "All The Squares Can Go Home!” In the middle of Dance to the Music he sang to the tune of the song, "I thought you might like to hear my organ" and sat down at Brian's organ and played. That was awesome!

Taylor then went into a wonderful version of Just to Feel That Way. He was very emotional with the song, and his eyes were closed as if to channel the muses. On the song Compared to What Taylor went nuts on the cowbell, banging the stick at warp speed. During The Right Place, Taylor played with one line slightly and changed it up to sing it as, "That old country back door is open". It was just beautiful. Taylor sure knows how to wail out a plea.

During The Runaround, Taylor went over to a table on stage with all his harmonicas on it and got busy looking them over, eyes darting back and forth briskly as if he was at the deli trying to figure out what to bring home for dinner. He quickly found the one he wanted and came back to the front of the stage and went into his bad self on the blues harp. The harp screamed and Taylor brought home his point. Of course he did his spin cycle, top twirling, make it go round in circles dance, which we all couldn't get enough of.

Taylor left the stage to screams, cheers and applause, drenched and happy. Yet, he wasn’t finished. The kill had taken place at this point but not the cremation. That was saved for last. To the crowd screaming for an encore, Taylor came back out and completed the evil deed. As soon as the notes sounded for Sweet Home Chicago, people went crazy. I could actually feel the floor bounce slightly below me. Even the floor was under the influence of “the woo”. I cheered, my new friends screamed, the crowd cried, the balcony swayed, and “Mr. Swivel Hips Wannabe” next to me raised his cup high in salute as Taylor grinned out at us and ripped into Sweet Home Chicago. He tore the place apart and slammed us all into the furnace. Off stage, Taylor is a pussycat, but on stage a tiger. Don’t ya just love him for it?

Just when you thought the concert had reached its peak, who joins Taylor and the band on Sweet Home Chicago but one of Taylor's idols, Keb Mo! Taylor introduced him as a mentor who had helped him as a struggling musician in Alabama. Keb Mo promptly played the guitar and not just anybody's guitar - he had Taylor's strapped on complete with the "Soul Patrol" strap tightly draped over his shoulder. Talk about an "I'm making a wreath with Martha" moment! With Taylor doing blues harp and Keb Mo playing off of him with the guitar, Chicago was sweet home all the way. On Thursday night at 329 N. Dearborn Street, for just a little while, all was right with the world!

Like a speeding train, the concert went by way too fast and Taylor, Keb Mo and the band took their bows and then took their leave. It was now time for the crowd to exit. Still floating on cloud nine, we all were quickly brought back down to reality as we started being herded out. Now I know how cows feel when it's time to be herded off the farm and to their fates. Every cow for itself and then some! My friends and I somehow got separated during the cattle call. Already under the influence of the “woo”, I wandered around aimlessly inside and outside, by the parking pasta noodle, down the sidewalk, and past the tour buses.
Fortunately, I had given my new friends my cell phone number earlier, because my phone rang and on the other end they were excitedly yelling into the phone, "We're at a bar called Buddy Guy's!! Taylor's gonna be here! Get in a cab and get over here!". I have to laugh now thinking of what I must have looked like between my zombie walk and then my cell phone wakeup call. Here I am in the middle of Chicago somewhere, 10:30 at night, hopping into a cab by myself, not even knowing where Buddy Guy's is and doing all this based on info handed over to me by people I had known less than a day!
But it was all good. I got to Buddy Guy's, walked in, paid the cover charge and spotted my new friends sitting at a table. There was an empty chair sitting beside them with my name written all over it!
Well, sure enough, Taylor showed up about a half hour later, slyly walking in with his obligatory toboggan slapped on his head to cover that tell-tale hair. He was accompanied by a crowd of friends who were all seated at a long table in a chained off seating area (doh!) straight across from the side of the stage. They spent the remainder of the evening reveling, absorbing, witnessing and sometimes partaking in one of the greatest jam concerts I have ever seen. I still can't believe what I saw.

It seems as though every time I snuck a peek at Taylor, he had this big ol' giddy school boy grin on his face, at times a look of pure joy, just a regular Joe, in his element, hangin' out with his buddies, just chillin' and taking in the incredible sweet soul blues music pouring from the stage. He was in the zone. One time I caught a glimpse of him while one of the guest musicians was going to town on a blues harp, making him one with it. Taylor's head was leaned over almost to his shoulder, his face tightened in deep concentration, but yet softly taut as he just seemed to study this man and his music. I actually turned away because I felt I was intruding into an area so private, so sacred, it was none of my business.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
But the coolest part was the fact that Buddy Guy himself was there as well as Keb Mo! They all jammed and fed off each other’s energy. Taylor was so into the scene that, he held that guitar like he was married to it, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and just went to town on it. It was an amazing site for sure. He let us in to his world so deeply that we felt like he had invited us over to his house and then gave us the most precious of all surprise gifts… his soul.
If the House of Blues was the cremation, Buddy Guy's blew our remains away. To call it a treat would be grossly understating the matter. To call it a sacred ceremony would be much closer to the truth but still doesn't do it justice. A baptism in music is just about there but to be honest, there are no proper words to describe what took place that night. The rest of the world outside faded away as we all partied down with Taylor, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo and the gang inside our little happy bubble called Buddy Guy's Legends.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The good times continued until past 1:00 A.M. Buddy Guy sang a few more times before the evening came to its inevitable conclusion and we all danced in the clouds and reveled in the magic of the dream to which we were privileged.
I have many images of Taylor that will be with me forever. But one image of Taylor at Buddy Guy's sticks in my mind. Buddy ended his last song with the place happily drowning with him in the blues and when the final note of the song sounded, we all applauded and cheered and showed our appreciation for Buddy sharing his soul with us. Taylor however took it one step further. At this point, alone at his table, he shot out of his chair like a bullet, stood and yelled, whistled, cheered, stretched his arms out and applauded wildly for his idol and new friend, Buddy Guy. Standing alone slightly silhouetted in shadow but yet standing out and shining bright like a beacon, Taylor knew darn well the whole place noticed and was staring at him but it wasn't going to hold him back. Taylor was reveling in the world of Buddy Guy and he wanted to show - and share - his pure joy and appreciation. It didn't take long for the rest of us to jump up and join him in a standing ovation for Buddy. You see, when Taylor Hicks stands, it's no longer an option but a demand. His respect for Buddy was overwhelming and wonderful.
As I drove back home with the crisp waters of Lake Michigan outside my window glistening in the moonlight like waves of aluminum with the harbor lights reflecting and bouncing off them, giving one the impression that somewhere out there a grand waltz of invisible angels was taking place, I thought about the prior events of the evening and what an incredible gift I had been given- to be allowed to be a part of something so special and so glorious that it would be a unthinkable to chalk it up to just another event and cast it aside to simple history.
I thought about how all of us at Legends were treated to great music by so many incredible artists, how we had been taken into a different realm, a different time, a different place. I thought about how discovering the true roots of music had not just changed my life for the better musically but personally, how I've made new friends, how it's made me reconnect with myself. I only wish more people could experience what a happy place the blues can take you to.
I have been baptized by the blues, the river is warm and the current is fine. I dove in and I'm never looking back. Come on in everybody, the water's fine. Hallelujah!

Taylor’s Angels thanks the Sarasota Soul Patrol for sharing one of their finest posts! If you would like more information on this group, you may go to their site at

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Taylor Hicks Delivers A Chirstmas Present To The Soul Patrol And Asia!

The Soul Patrol has spent the past month reminiscing about Taylor's Christmas performances last year. We've been missing the Soul Man, since he's been on his much deserved break. A few weeks ago, he sent the Soul Patrol an audio message at THQ wishing everyone a happy holiday season and letting us know he had a few "gigs" in December.
Little did we know, that he had been invited to perform on the first ever Asian Idol!
An honor for Taylor and a Christmas present for his Soul Patrol!
Taylor Hicks you have made us proud!!! Not only did America get Taylor Hicks right - so did another continent! Congratulations Taylor! Have a wonderful Christmas and may you be blessed even MORE in 2008!!!!

Taylor's Angels

Interview for Asian Idol

Heaven Knows

Do I Make You Proud with the 6 Idols

Taylor With The Hosts

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Taking It To The Streets

Online Videos by

More Interviews and Performances!!!!!

Uploaded by kapover

Fox News Alabama Interviews Taylor 12/18/07 Taylor Hicks Article

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Taylored to Perfection

December 19th - Greenbelt

White Christmas at Greenbelt

A Fans Meet and Greet - Read this fun blog

Taking It To The Streets

Do I Make You Proud

Use Me

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Taylor Hicks Scored Big In Hagerstown This Past Summer, Hagerstown Needs The Help Of The Soul Patrol This Christmas!

"In the Game of Life, He Who Touches the Most Lives Wins."

Heartwarming stories about how Taylor Hicks has positively impacted the quality of life for many of us are abundant. Some share that they are enjoying a greater appreciation for music, but many run deeper and are more profound in their effects on the lives of others.

Recently, several touching stories about how Taylor Hicks has dramatically altered lives were shared with Taylor’s Angels by Mr. Bruce Torres. Mr. Torres is with Cabana Cove Concerts and was the promoter for Taylor’s July 6, 2007 Hagerstown, Maryland show. Mr. Torres is an avid fan of Taylor’s and worked diligently to promote the show not only to the general public but also by offering special opportunities to charitable organizations within the community, allowing them to enjoy the amazing artistry of Taylor Hicks as well. He worked closely with Taylor’s Angels and donated over 60 tickets to the Boys and Girls Club and Girls, Inc. in Hagerstown.

In an email, Mr. Torres relayed the following:

Greetings from Hagerstown,

I want to share two very special stories with you. We had a presale on April 14th so that local residents would have a chance to buy tickets to see Taylor before we put them out for general sale. There was a women standing on line with her 13 year old son and another son who was about 6 years old and had obvious emotional and physical disabilities. I talked with her and she told me that during Taylor’s performances during the AI season, her son would actually start sort of dancing and would be glued to the television. When Taylor's CD came out she bought it and told me his music is one of the only things that he responds to. She likes to put it on and dance with him. Amazing!!

The second story touched me even more. As I was standing outside the box office talking to people in line, an elderly man came out and said, “I understand that you are the person responsible for bringing Taylor Hicks to the Maryland Theatre". He shook my hand and proceeded to tell me this story. He woke up one morning and saw that his wife was sitting at the kitchen table crying. She is sick and he naturally thought something was wrong. He asked her if she was ok and all she could do was hand him the local paper with the article about Taylor coming to the Maryland Theatre on the front page. He told me that his wife is a huge Taylor fan but is not well enough to travel, even short distances, and knew she would not have the opportunity to see Taylor on tour. When she saw the paper, her tears were finally those of joy!!!

When the game of life is over, he who touches the most people wins. Score two for Taylor in Hagerstown.

Bruce Torres

In working with Mr. Torres and Cabana Cove Concerts through Taylor’s Angels, I became increasingly aware that this promoter was actually promoting Taylor Hicks, his artistry and his music and was focused on that aspect more so than the bottom dollar. His attention to every detail regarding Taylor’s visit to Hagerstown, Maryland was impeccably thought out. As a result, people in that small community camped out overnight to purchase tickets to this event. Although the temperature was 30 degrees that night, Mr. Torres stayed with them and offered them hot coffee and encouragement. At the day’s end, Taylor had set the one day sales record for tickets at the legendary Maryland Theatre, where his idol Ray Charles had once played.

As everyone is well aware by now, Taylor’s performance in Hagerstown was one of the best of the summer tour. All the fan sites were talking about his energy, passion and song selection. Of particular attention was Taylor’s dramatic encore, which included an acoustic version of “Happier With Him”. In my heart, I believe Taylor knew the passion with which this show was promoted and was touched by the love he felt in this small community.

Mr. Torres and his wife, Cassie, were speechless after reading some of the comments on the various fan sites regarding how well received Taylor’s concert was in their small hometown. They send their warmest thanks and wish to respond to Taylor’s fans in this manner:

" To all the fans who sent messages regarding the Hagerstown concert, my wife, Cassie, and I want to thank you for the kind words. It was our first concert production and we were honored to have Taylor Hicks as our guest. Those of you who were there know what a special night it was. For so many others who could not attend but got to listen in or see some of the video, I am sure you could feel it as well.

Being able to bring so many children to the show was as much a gift to us as it was to them. For one little girl who had recently revealed an unbearable past, it became a very special night. The only peace she has known over the last year has been his music. Her mother told me that looking up at the pictures of Taylor on her wall gave her something to smile about. She was the first person I brought in to meet Taylor during the meet and greet. Nothing will ever erase her horrible experiences, but in that one moment sitting next to Taylor Hicks, the world became a better place.

Taylor Hicks’ music is his vehicle, but his caring and compassionate nature is the "heart and soul" of the artist.

It was a pleasure to be a small part of the magic that is following him around. We hope to have him back in Hagerstown sometime, and we hope to see some of you again."

Bruce and Cassie Torres
Cabana Cove Concerts

Taylor Hicks did indeed score a big victory in Hagerstown, Maryland. He has unknowingly touched so many lives in immeasurable ways.

Written by Tina (DidNotExpectThat)

Taylor Scored a Victory in Hagerstown, Maryland this summer, but now Hagerstown needs our help!

As many of you are aware and have read above, one of the highlights of the Taylor Hicks 2007 tour was his performance on July 6 in Hagerstown, Maryland. This concert was promoted by Mr. Bruce Torres of Cabana Cove Concerts. Taylor’s Angels has continued to correspond with Mr. Torres over the months because of his true dedication to Taylor Hicks and his firm belief in Taylor’s amazing artistry. Over the weekend, we received an email stating that he and his family had just lost everything in a massive fire that destroyed their home and everything they owned.See the video of this sad story here: Hagerstown News. We are asking that the Soul Patrol rally together and help this family during the holiday season. We realize that you probably are wondering why we ask for support for this family, but we can’t emphasize enough that this particular man and his wife are totally dedicated to promoting Taylor Hicks and his music any way possible. Their belief in Taylor is strong and has never wavered.

In working with Mr. Torres to send over 60 children within the community to the July 6 concert, Taylor’s Angels became increasingly aware that this promoter was actually promoting Taylor Hicks, his artistry and his music and was focused on that aspect more so than the bottom dollar. His attention to every detail regarding Taylor’s visit to Hagerstown was impeccably thought out. As a result, Taylor set the one day sales record for tickets at the legendary Maryland Theatre, where his idol Ray Charles had once played.

As everyone is well aware by now, Taylor’s performance in Hagerstown was one of the best of the summer tour. All the fan sites were talking about his energy, passion and song selection. We believe Taylor knew the passion with which this show was promoted and was touched by the love he felt in this small community.

We hope that the Soul Patrol will rise to the aid of this incredible promoter who so deeply respects the artistry of Taylor Hicks and believes in his future. We ask that, if you are able, you will send toys or gift cards to this family who has suffered such tragedy. They have two boys, age 10 and 7, who need toys. The oldest is an artist and loves to draw and the youngest loves to build things. Department store gift cards would also be a blessing and would allow them to purchase food, clothing and other necessities. Anything you can do would be of tremendous help. The address for you to send your items is:

Mr. Bruce Torres
17734 Burnside Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21740

If you need more information, please email us at We thank you for your generous support and wish you all a joyous holiday!

From Our Friends At The Whomp Swamp :


The Soul Patrol is giving a holiday gift of love to the two Torres boys, ages 7 and 10. As you may know, the Bruce Torres family recently lost everything in a tragic house fire. As the concert promoter, Bruce gave a wonderful welcome to Taylor in Hagerstown. This is our opportunity to say “Thank you.”

If you are unable to send a donation or giftcard directly, but would still like to help us be sure these boys have a great Christmas, another option is to make a donation through paypal to before midnight on December 20. You CAN use your Visa or Mastercard. You will receive an email confirmation of your donation with a copy going to Taylor’s Angels. Totals will be posted on Taylor's Angels and The Whomp Swamp.

All the donations will be combined, and one Walmart Giftcard will be sent overnight to the Torres Family. They can ALL shop on Christmas Eve for presents and goodies for the holidays!

MAKE THIS A HAPPY HOLIDAY for these dear children and wonderful family!

GO TO: and send the money to

Have a happy and blessed Christmas!

Taylor’s Angels and The Whomp Swamp

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reminiscing with Taylor Hicks...A Message from Birmingham, Alabama

For most of us, reminiscing is a traditional part of the holidays. The spirit of the season often makes us pensive and reflective of our many blessings. During this wonderful time of the year, Taylor’s Angels wants to bring to you a few of the magical moments shared by the Soul Patrol as we followed the incredible journey of Taylor Hicks, a journey that took him from a struggling musician in Birmingham, Alabama to an internationally known celebrity.

The following is a post that quickly made its rounds to all the major Taylor Hicks fan sites once it was posted in August 2006. It is a story of what I believe (and hope) to be one of the most significant events in the life of Taylor Hicks, for it is the story of his journey back to Birmingham as a hometown hero.

The Significance Of His Homecoming
Being a Birmingham native, I knew Taylor Hicks’ homecoming concert would hold a special significance. However, I did not realize the magnitude of the occasion until the next day. As I drove in to work just 10 hours after experiencing first-hand Taylor’s amazing talents, I was listening to a CD of his AI performances. “Just Once” happened to be playing- the part where he so passionately and earnestly pleads, “can we find a way to finally make it right, make the magic last for more than just one night?”. At that exact moment, I looked to my left and realized I was passing the BJCC, the arena in which we all stood in amazement the night before, watching Taylor pour out his love and make his own magic come alive for us. I found tears welling in my eyes. Why did hearing those words come from his mouth with such emotion, seeing the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center and then remembering his emotion in that arena the previous night create a stream of tears that made navigating a busy interstate difficult?

I was suddenly struck with the realization of the magic that had occurred between Taylor Hicks and his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama the previous night. For 10 years, he gave Birmingham every part of himself- is energy, his passion, his presence and his music. He begged us to hear his voice, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. We ignored his amazing artistry. But in spite of our rejection, Taylor continued to persevere as a “broke musician” and to pursue his dream. He continued to entertain night after night, even when he felt the pain of our rejection and needed our comfort. He gave us his all, but we gave him nothing in return.

So he left Birmingham for Las Vegas to try a different tact. He again gave it his all and endured rejection from the likes of Simon Cowell and David Foster. But this time he knew people were actually hearing his voice and “getting” what he was about. He rolled the dice week after week and worked the machine masterfully. And on May 23, 2006, he emerged from the back of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood wearing a purple jacket, white shirt, snakeskin boots and danced the aisle to center stage. The world knew in that moment his voice had indeed been heard and his life would be forever transformed. When the official announcement came the following evening that Taylor Hicks was indeed our American Idol, he bent his knees in an effort to remain upright and turned to see the masses in his hometown of Birmingham cheering wildly- a site he had not seen during the10 year journey on which he had been.

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(video Soterric)

Birmingham indeed needed to find a way to “finally make it right” for Taylor and to in some small way assure him that we would never ignore his voice again. So on August 8, 2006, it was as though separately, yet in unison, we decided to give him a homecoming to remember. Just as Taylor had done on that magical night at the Kodak Theatre in May, he emerged through the crowd at the BJCC wearing his purple jacket, white shirt, snakeskin boots and again took center stage. As Birmingham heard the beginning of JHR, caught its first glimpse of his silver hair highlighted by beams of white light and realized Taylor’s symbolic gesture- he had saved his beloved jacket for US- the crowd erupted into what can only be described as pandemonium. Each of the 15,000 in attendance was wildly enthusiastic and at times deafening with an intensity that never lessened. Words cannot describe the emotional exchange that occurred between Taylor and his Birmingham audience. He was as genuinely moved by us as we were by him. His face beamed throughout his performance and he flashed one brilliant, heart-melting smile after another.

His performance highlighted the same set to which we have all grown accustomed, but as always with Taylor there were a few twists. After his grand entrance to JHR, he stood jubilantly on stage, waved and said, “Hey, Birmingham, how ya’ll doin’?” His drawl was smooth, Southern and very familiar to us. As we roared to acknowledge that we were fine, he gave his “signature lean” and flashed a huge smile. He yelled Soul Patrol several times, probably feeling the safety net of being among a crowd dominated by Soul Patrollers. A band member reached to hand him his guitar, but Taylor seemed to miss his cue as he basked in the moment. He quickly recovered, though, strapped on the guitar and launched into Hollywood Nights. Of course he changed a line and sang, “Birmingham, Alabama is a long way from home.” Next up was LFTC, during which he danced and grooved, pouted his lips, shook the tambourine, and again poured his entire being into the song.

(video Soterric)

While introducing DIMYP, he told us he was doing this tune for Birmingham and for the troops. His vocals were wonderful, and yes, he nailed the glory note! The crowd sang the song with him and it was as though we all knew every line. Oh, except Taylor! He forgot the words to the second verse and had to ad lib, but we helped him out and were very competent back up artists I might add. He changed the last line of the song, and ended with “Birmingham, do I make you proud?”. Of course, more deafening applause erupted and seemed to last an eternity. Our message of “yes, Taylor, you do make us extremely proud” resounded throughout the arena.

(video mmmeverclear)

He then all too quickly vanished through the stage doors as the crowd continued to roar, pleading for his return. When the doors finally opened again, he triumphantly emerged sporting a dark shirt and launched into TI2TS. He sang it with every fiber of his soul, twirling, dancing and dropping to his knees wailing the harmonica. He then pulled a “sneak attack” and brought out a camera and told us to “smile”! Flash after flash illuminated the arena as he captured this momentous occasion for all eternity.

As his face was shown on the jumbo screen, we were able to discern a message he was relaying to us. Not having a microphone in hand, he pointed to himself and mouthed, “I love”, then pointed to us and said “YOU”! To insure we understood, he repeated these gestures several times and his expressions were genuine and humble. It was at that moment that I realized Taylor had received as much from us as we had him. It was as though all was forgiven and Birmingham had finally found a way to make it right in a way that would certainly make the magic last for more than just this one night. He pumped his arm in the air and signaled that Birmingham was #1. And then, once again all too quickly, he was gone.

(video mmmeverclear)

He returned to direct Living In America and shouted out Alabama cities with which he and everyone was familiar- Anniston, Mobile, Gulf Shores, and Birmingham. While front and center stage, he bumped “onions” with Kat and had the cutest grin on his face. It was the face of a naughty little boy who knew he was way too cute to be scolded! He gave kudos to all the other idols and to the band. And then, they clasped hands, raised them in unison and ended triumphantly.

Birmingham had warmly and graciously welcomed each idol and genuinely acknowledged their talents. But the night clearly was Taylor’s to enjoy, to treasure and to hold in his heart. From attending his first concert as a young boy at the BJCC (remember the Tina Turner and Lionel Richie concert with the now too tight t-shirt?) to his triumphant return to headline a show in that same arena, Taylor had taken a road less traveled, often rocky and sometimes painful. But through his journey, he touched hearts and souls, stirred emotions, evoked passions and gathered converts.

Taylor, Birmingham has indeed heard your voice and we love you for it. We hope you heard ours last night. May God bless you with PEACE!

Written and edited by Tina (DidNotExpectThat)

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