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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Taylor Hicks’ Music: Reaching Out Across the Pond.

How does one define Taylor's music? He has conquered every genre, that he needs his OWN genre just for the type of music he sings. I have observed that Taylor Hicks is so passionate about his music and there is a great diversity to his song selections. So diverse, that Taylor Hicks is the only performer I know who can sing Dancing Queen, Do I Make You Proud, Badge and Let’s Get It On in one given night. He does it with his own style, with pure energy, and strong conviction. Everyone seems to love every minute that he is on stage performing his soul and heart out. But diversity is not only a description for Taylor’s music it is also an accurate description of his fan base not only here in the United States, but also abroad.

I know of a lot of people from different countries, with different racial backgrounds, ethnicity, creed, religion, age, sex and demographics who are “in tuned” with Taylor Hicks’ music and are big time fans. They are located in the Philippines , Hong Kong , Singapore , South Korea , Thailand , China , Japan , United Kingdom , Italy , Canada , Australia , Germany , Switzerland , Dubai and India . Taylor has reached out and touched the hearts and lives of these people through his passion and love for music. When he showed up during the American Idol competition. these fans were there, they have always been there. The only problem was, some of them thought that Taylor had disappeared after winning American Idol. If you can believe that! I can!

Well, WE are here to change that thinking. I, along with the others are going to dedicate our time, effort and money to keep Taylor “above the radar” for his international fans. We feel that many fans have been deprived of the music and passion that they had grown accustomed to when Taylor was on American Idol. Since then, they have longed for that same passion and music after he won. Frankly, some of these fans were not aware of Taylor's whereabouts, they feel that they are not well informed, and Taylor was not totally exposed. Lucky for us here in the United States that night after night, we had access to the cellcerts when he had a scheduled performance. We flew, caught a train, or drove to see him perform LIVE. We are also fortunate to have the forums to keep us abreast of Taylor's latest news, sightings and appearances. (Some of these sightings are considered truly invasive, but we all loved it, you know what I’m talking about!) Heck, we even have the access to the album, and most of these fans, don’t!

When Taylor ended his spring tour, many were left with more anticipation for his next concerts, tours and appearances. We can’t seem to get enough of this man, the performer, Mr. Energy himself. But for those who are not living in the U.S. , all they have are fan made videos, audio recordings, forums and the blogosphere to get their Taylor fixes. For now, they only rely on excellent writers who describe their experiences on the forums, or the video captures from the fans who unselfishly share snippets of videos on You Tube or Go Fish. Or the awesome resident photographers that we have on our forums who take the most magnificent photos of Taylor , (you know who you are!)

I can only imagine what kind of reception Taylor would get if these fans all over the world have direct access to him and his music like we do here in the U.S. Don’t get me wrong when I say access, I meant, the CDs, the LIVE concert performances. I can’t imagine a world without them experiencing Taylor Hicks in the flesh! Experiencing that energy, hearing that voice, watching those moves, woo!

As diverse as Taylor’s choice of music is, his fans are also very diverse in every sense of the word, and that's just the way we like it. But what does it take to get Taylor’s music reach across the pond?

Below are the testimonies by a selected few from all over the world who have experienced Taylor’s music through the gift of his current album. Take heed, they just love him. Can you blame them? There are no edits to these entries, but a little translation to English was necessary.

International Fan Testimonies:

Taylor has a very fantastic and fascinating voice, not in all that I've heard such voice. Except for Rod Stewart and Michael Bolton... Anyways, the variety and the style of music is so amazining... It's like listening to one CD and one perfomer, singer that is ( Taylor of course) but with different genres... I am helping my sister Claire in promoting this Taylor 's CD and have been contacting some of our local radio stations here in my locality, Cebu , Philippines ... No worries, positive things will happen here.. promise you that... I'll just send you mails of the updates here in my locale... Thanks for the CD, really enjoyed listening to it the whole day at my office...

Have a nice day!

Francisco Racaza
Cebu, Philippines

He sounds interesting to me! i'd be glad to help! I asked around and I heard that his music is being played by some high-end stations here in Cebu like Y101, Killer Bee and Monster Radio. I surfed the net and got to hear a few tracks, It sounds good and classy. My last station was a smooth jazz station and we would have definitely played his type of music. I'm gonna get in touch with some contacts and ask around, I haven't been into radio for quite some time now but i'm excited to do this type of thing again.

Jeremiah Cabrera
Former DJ at Killer Bee Cebu

I really, really loved Taylor Hicks music! 'Luv the guy, 'like his style!
I was betting for him during his American Idol stint. Too bad we couldn't cast a vote here in Singapore .

Nieves Caballero

You need not promote Taylor here in Dubai , he is very well liked-but what the heck happnd to the guy? Thanks to you, I am able to listen to music of taylo’rs and loving every song.

Claude Peres

I voted for him, but not on the phones, wish we were able to do it. But I rooted for him to win. I loved Just Once, he did a great job, no wonder he won. He is so unique and good looking. The CD is a mix of all the types of music I like. Thanks for bringing his music to Thailand .

Mary Grace Tionco

Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol
hay Ate!! bkt tagaan ko nimo? wow! sos ate.. sa umpisa pa lang.. soul patrol soul patrol jud ko.. bisan sa umpisa pa lang ng interview nya. may feeling na ako. na magiging bf ko sya hahahaha! i mean na sya talga.. talaga buotan sa personal? wow.. wish to have cd of him jud with his signature and with my name written by him. lol..too much?! pwedi.. iloveyou ate!! mwah mwah! keep in touch!!

Translation to above testimony:

Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol
Oh Claire, do you think he can come here? Wow, from the very beginning, I was like Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol, I knew during his interview, I had a feeling that he was going to become my boyfriend, hahahahahah! I mean, it’s him, who would win. Is he good looking in person, and nice? Wow, I wished I had an autographed CD, and with my name written by him, LOL! Too much, is that possible? Tell him, I love you. Mwah, mwah. Keep in touch!

Haydee Arong
Manila, Philippines

I am so glad that you got to meet Taylor Hicks, he is the one I wanted to become when I grow up----hehehhehh! No, I love his CD, keep them coming, I have a few to give them to. Tell Taylor he is my hero----! vSoul Patroooolllll! We love him in the U.K. When is he coming hre??

Ramil Alonzo
Swindon, UK

Your enthusiasm for Taylor Hicks is so infectious, I knew then that he was a good singer but not quite the singer that he had become when he got groomed and polished as he performed every night on AMeican Idol. I was wondering about him, where did he go, but thank God for the internet and you, ( taylor addict..LOL) I have seen and heard him. But the CD, what a gem. The radio stations here need to hear this man, they played Di I Make you Proud here, but that was it. I heard another Idol here, Daughtry, but he sounds like the rest of them. Taylor is what is missing in our radio here Germany as well. Soul Patrol! Go Soul!

Cecile Castillo- Weineberg
Dresden, Germany

Final note:
If you know of anyone abroad who would like a copy of Taylor ’s CD and can’t afford it or has no access to it, please let us know. Just write to with your requests. The only thing we ask is: if they can help Taylor ’s music heard by requesting the songs from their local radio stations, and if they do not have the CD, we can provide that radio station a CD as well. If they can’t help us with requesting, comments and feedbacks of the CD are always appreciated.

Written by:

(Special thanks to Phil for the photo!)

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Sarah said...

Claire...this is so awesome, loved reading all the testimonies from soul patrolers all around the world. He is awesome!!! and it is so cool that his music has made a impact not only nation but worldwide..

Loved it girl


Sherry said...

Claire, the comments by those receiving the gift of Taylor's music were heartfelt and sincere. What you are doing in getting Taylor's music heard all over the world just touches my heart. Your hard work will NOT go unnoticed and you'll be rewarded ten fold!! God Bless you in all you do for other's. Your kind soul and beautiful heart makes me proud to call you my friend. Love you sweetie. lovedthepurplejacket(Sherry)

KarinP said...

Claire, I enjoyed reading your blog entry. Here I am in Canada thinking that the Canadians are missing out and there are many fans across the Globe who do not have the ability to see Taylor in concert or even obtain his CDs.

At least, the U.S. is close enough for some Canadians to get to so that they are able to indulge in the pleasure of watching Taylor live in concert.

Fabulous testimonies from the fans you have posted comments from.

Yes, indeed, Taylor does need his own 'genre' and I am just thrilled to hear that he is becoming very well known internationally.

Hopefully, in time, these people will be fortunate to see Taylor in action. Every fan needs to see him on stage at least once. Of course, there should be a hazard warning posted on the tickets:

"Once is NOT enough"

Thanks for a great article, Claire! And, congrats to The Angels for securing those 20 tickets for such a worthwhile cause. Incredible news!

Anonymous said...

It so wonderful to see these comments from "Across the Pond" - your hard work is paying off!!! He needs to be heard worldwide - thank you for all you do!!!!


Susan said...

I had no idea the number of countries you have already been able to contact! What a great "mission" to get Taylor's music (hence, voice) heard worldwide. Taylor's appeal spans culture and truly would be a shame to rob them of opportunity to hear his soulful talent.
I will thank you for your efforts...a fabulous extension of the soul patrol!!!
And the comments you posted were way cool!
Scooterfrog :-)

maryann1 said...

Claire....this is a wonderful write up on Taylor and his music and how he has had an affect not only on fans within the US and Canada but globally as well...His star is "Reaching Out Across the Pond" as you referenced in your blog...Thanks for all you do in this effort to help his music reach internationally.

Wonderful testimonies from the many fans across the world.

Anonymous said...


GREAT blog post, and those comments from the international fans...priceless! This is a wonderful thing you are doing....God bless you for everything you do! Keep up the great work, and "Share that Smile"! You've certianly made us PROUD!
Love to you, Lori

Jorie said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog.
It is so incredible that you can touch so many people abroad. With so much turmoil and tragedy in this world, it is so refreshing to see the enthusiastic testimonies from those in other countries. Spreading Taylor's music is a great way to spread joy, something we don't see enough of! Thank you for ALL that you do.
Jorie (soullady)

DidNotExpectThat said...

Clarie, thank so much for your efforts to keep those across the pond in the loop on Taylor. You are very correct when you say that we in the US are fortunate to be able to see and hear him. It is so important that we all support you in your efforts for all to "hear his voice"!

webchic00 said...

Music soothes the soul, it touches the heart, "it calms the savage beast" as they say. Taylor brings these people together because of his passion for music like no other. So, in any language, we understand the power of love through Taylor Hicks.

Diane said...


I know the hard work you have put into the International project and it is wonderful to read the letters from people around the world who are able to experience Taylor Hicks because of your efforts and contacts overseas.

I know Taylor appreciates all you are doing for him!

RagsQueen said...

It's great to know that Taylor is being heard in other countries as well as the US! Thanks for helping to spread the word!