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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taylor Hicks Scores a Victory in Maryland!

"In the Game of Life, He Who Touches the Most Lives Wins."

Heartwarming stories about how Taylor Hicks has positively impacted the quality of life for many of us are abundant. Some share that they are enjoying a greater appreciation for music, but many run deeper and are more profound in their effects on the lives of others.

Recently, several touching stories about how Taylor Hicks has dramatically altered lives were shared with Taylor’s Angels by Mr. Bruce Torres. Mr. Torres is with Cabana Cove Concerts and was the promoter for Taylor’s July 6, 2007 Hagerstown, Maryland show. Mr. Torres is an avid fan of Taylor’s and worked diligently to promote the show not only to the general public but also by offering special opportunities to charitable organizations within the community, allowing them to enjoy the amazing artistry of Taylor Hicks as well. He worked closely with Taylor’s Angels and donated over 60 tickets to the Boys and Girls Club and Girls, Inc. in Hagerstown.

In an email, Mr. Torres relayed the following:

Greetings from Hagerstown,

I want to share two very special stories with you. We had a presale on April 14th so that local residents would have a chance to buy tickets to see Taylor before we put them out for general sale. There was a women standing on line with her 13 year old son and another son who was about 6 years old and had obvious emotional and physical disabilities. I talked with her and she told me that during Taylor’s performances during the AI season, her son would actually start sort of dancing and would be glued to the television. When Taylor's CD came out she bought it and told me his music is one of the only things that he responds to. She likes to put it on and dance with him. Amazing!!

The second story touched me even more. As I was standing outside the box office talking to people in line, an elderly man came out and said, “I understand that you are the person responsible for bringing Taylor Hicks to the Maryland Theatre". He shook my hand and proceeded to tell me this story. He woke up one morning and saw that his wife was sitting at the kitchen table crying. She is sick and he naturally thought something was wrong. He asked her if she was ok and all she could do was hand him the local paper with the article about Taylor coming to the Maryland Theatre on the front page. He told me that his wife is a huge Taylor fan but is not well enough to travel, even short distances, and knew she would not have the opportunity to see Taylor on tour. When she saw the paper, her tears were finally those of joy!!!

When the game of life is over, he who touches the most people wins. Score two for Taylor in Hagerstown.

Bruce Torres

In working with Mr. Torres and Cabana Cove Concerts through Taylor’s Angels, I became increasingly aware that this promoter was actually promoting Taylor Hicks, his artistry and his music and was focused on that aspect more so than the bottom dollar. His attention to every detail regarding Taylor’s visit to Hagerstown, Maryland was impeccably thought out. As a result, people in that small community camped out overnight to purchase tickets to this event. Although the temperature was 30 degrees that night, Mr. Torres stayed with them and offered them hot coffee and encouragement. At the day’s end, Taylor had set the one day sales record for tickets at the legendary Maryland Theatre, where his idol Ray Charles had once played.

As everyone is well aware by now, Taylor’s performance in Hagerstown was one of the best of the summer tour. All the fan sites were talking about his energy, passion and song selection. Of particular attention was Taylor’s dramatic encore, which included an acoustic version of “Happier With Him”. In my heart, I believe Taylor knew the passion with which this show was promoted and was touched by the love he felt in this small community.

Mr. Torres and his wife, Cassie, were speechless after reading some of the comments on the various fan sites regarding how well received Taylor’s concert was in their small hometown. They send their warmest thanks and wish to respond to Taylor’s fans in this manner:

" To all the fans who sent messages regarding the Hagerstown concert, my wife, Cassie, and I want to thank you for the kind words. It was our first concert production and we were honored to have Taylor Hicks as our guest. Those of you who were there know what a special night it was. For so many others who could not attend but got to listen in or see some of the video, I am sure you could feel it as well.

Being able to bring so many children to the show was as much a gift to us as it was to them. For one little girl who had recently revealed an unbearable past, it became a very special night. The only peace she has known over the last year has been his music. Her mother told me that looking up at the pictures of Taylor on her wall gave her something to smile about. She was the first person I brought in to meet Taylor during the meet and greet. Nothing will ever erase her horrible experiences, but in that one moment sitting next to Taylor Hicks, the world became a better place.

Taylor Hicks’ music is his vehicle, but his caring and compassionate nature is the "heart and soul" of the artist.

It was a pleasure to be a small part of the magic that is following him around. We hope to have him back in Hagerstown sometime, and we hope to see some of you again."

Bruce and Cassie Torres
Cabana Cove Concerts

Taylor Hicks did indeed score a big victory in Hagerstown, Maryland. He has unknowingly touched so many lives in immeasurable ways.

To view the media coverage of Taylor Hicks receiving a key to the city of Hagerstown, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link.

Written by Tina (DidNotExpectThat)

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RagsQueen said...

This was such a wonderful night for those touched by the generous gifts of Bruce and Cassie, and the world is a better place for it! So often we think of the bottom line, and in the process forget that a simple act can mean to so many people. From staying with the fans and offering coffee on a cold night to donating many tickets for the kids to see Taylor Hicks, that is truly a special gift of one's humanity. Bless Bruce and Cassie! I wish them the greatest success with their music promotion company!

Claire said...

When a heart is pure, wonderful things happen for people.... Blessed are those who are truly compassionate to those who are unfortunate. This story needs to be told over and over!

tERI said...

It was a victory thanks to Bruce and Cassie. They brought that community and Taylor Hicks together with their generosity. We need more people like them in this world. Bless them both!
And God Bless Taylor for his inspiration!


maryann1 said...

This is a wonderful story of inspiration to all involved with the Maryland show..

Bruce and Cassie are two caring and compassionate people and the work they did to promote the concert and the lives they and the concert touched should never be forgetten.

Bless them both and everyone who had anything to do to make this a success.

Anonymous said...

A promoter like Bruce is rare and almost unheard of these days. This is what Taylor Hicks and his music bring out, the best!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! I had tears in my eyes while reading that.

B :)

KarinP said...

It is a rare thing that we ever hear about the inside details of a concert. This is an amazing story and I applaud Bruce and Cassie because their hearts in are in the right place. It is no accident that they have been drawn to the music of Taylor Hicks.

Standing outside in freezing temperatures with the ticket buyers just illustrates the kind of man that Bruce is. Of course, he is in business however, for him, I think that this brought so much joy to both Bruce and his wife, Cassie. While I was unable to attend this concert, I was so grateful to hear it on a cellcert and view some of the videos!

It was an amazing concert but I do believe, like you, Taylor was inspired by the generousity of the fans as well as Bruce and Cassie. There must have been some very great vibes in that particular audience.

Karma will be good for both Bruce and Cassie and I can't wait until they run another Taylor Hicks concert in Hagerstown. How wonderful to have a promoter who actually gives his heart and soul to the success of a concert for reasons other than the bottom line.

Thanks so much for posting this story. It genuinely warms my heart as I am sure the concert did for the many fans who had the privilege of attending that very special night.

Momma D said...

Thank you for sharing these touching stories. To read how a promoter has been affected and how he then took the time to help others is truely Taying it Forward!

Great job gals!