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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Taylor Hicks.. Have A Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR!!!! On behalf of all of your fans, Taylor's Angels would like to wish you a fabulous birthday and we hope all of your dreams come true! Enjoy your day, Taylor! You deserve it!

In honor of Taylor, we would like to not only celebrate by remembering the mid-70's, including 1976, the year of Taylor's birth. Please click on Taylor's picture below for a fun and funky celebration of the mid-70's.

Birthdays are also for looking back, right? So, we thought we'd revive some favorite fan-made videos from the past couple of years. Enjoy!!

An American Idol Season 5 recap to Living for the City by MyRidesHere:

Dancing Tribute to My Boogie Shoes by rugratnat14

Alabama State of Mind by twitterpated

Heaven Knows by KarinP

OldieButGoodie has made a special Happy Birthday video from the Montgomery Soul Patrol!

And to add the collection we have Karin P.'s "Trip Around the Sun" for 2007-2008.
A wonderful look at Taylor's accomplishments this year!!

Click on Taylor's picture to get Funky at the Retro Blog!

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Ian said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Taylor...!
Happy Birthday to you...!

All the best wishes from Malaysian Soul Patrol!!

-Soulsurvivor/ Ian

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your birthday, Taylor, and look forward--as your fans do---to a bigger and better year in 2009!

You spread so much happiness, we hope these greetings can give you some back.

A toast to you, Big Guy!