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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taylor Hicks: An Inspiration to us all!

It’s Wednesday evening, it has been six days since I saw Taylor Hicks in concert at the Chicago House of Blues. I am still in a daze, in a trance, in a hypnotic state. I am useless and non- functional. I am trying so hard to wipe the smile off my face and I can’t. So I am just smiling. My kids ruined my leather sofa, and I smiled at them. Wow!

“If you’re doing something you love, sleep can wait.” That’s what Taylor said. I loved the concert so much that I was up until the wee hours of the morning editing and uploading videos and pictures from the phenomenal concert. Taylor was on fire that night, he moved and grooved on the stage. He played the instruments, the guitar, the harp, the organ, the tambourine, most of all he was having fun. He was relentless when grabbing the audience’s attention. He commanded everyone, he conducted his band, you knew he had the time of his life. And you know, it’s pure passion, it’s what he loves doing and it radiates from him. Taylor being Taylor, what a sight to see!

The audience at the Chicago House of Blues was very pleased with Taylor. We were all so into it. That the shrieks, squeals and the screams we made you could hear from outside the room. The floor was vibrating from people stomping and jumping in pure delight. I was right smack in the middle of this event. I was in the third row. Like I mentioned although there were a couple of tall men in front of me, I managed to get an awesome view of Taylor and his god-like persona. It didn’t matter that I’m all of 5’2”, I was as tall as them, that’s what Taylor made me feel that night. He made me feel that way, whatever that feeling was.

Taylor was beautiful, his skin was creamy, his hair the color of platinum and his smile captivating. I must have felt faint several times that night every time he smiled, every time he winked, every time he looked my way. He is so powerful in that way, he doesn’t even know it. It’s good, because I want him to not be self conscious and just keep doing what he’s doing. The concert ended in what felt like a second, wow! I felt satisfied, but Taylor Hicks has a certain way to make you long for more…

But next for me is Joliet, at the Rialto theatre. My daughter Lauren who is 5 is coming with me, a big Taylor fan. I might not be able to make “Bad Girls” video with her, but we will have fun. Maybe this time, I will get a Meet and Greet!


All this talk about Taylor’s amazing God-given talent is certified true and correct. Not only does he have talent, he has humility beyond compare and the heart to boot. Taylor has pure heart for charity, children and unfortunate souls. His compassion for these people is evident with his involvement in various organizations. He is so grateful for what he has been given, that he wants to give it back. He is very special like that, he is giving like that and he is inspiring like that.

Taylor Hicks inspires me in so many different ways. Before I became a member of TOSP, I was just a fan of his. From the moment he auditioned, he had me at “I was born by the river in a little tent…” He grabbed my attention and I was drawn to this Southern guy who had given me something to look forward to each Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I was never a fan of AI and when Taylor came on, I was always telling people to watch it, happily promoting FOX. I called Taylor, my “southern comfort” minus the hang-over. And comfort he was, not only to me, but to millions of people in America.

Some of these people I met through TOSP, they were die hard fans of Taylor. These are wonderful individuals who shared a common love for this grey haired dude from Alabama, who was an unlikely superstar. You can feel the bond between the fans through that common love we have for Taylor Hicks.

With these people I have been saved from my everyday regimented existence. I love my family, but there are times when the strains of being a devoted mother and a wife can get to you. There are moments when you’ll have to be doing something different than what has been considered routine. My life was not desperately dull, but it lacked luster. I was working as a Technical Trainer for a prestigious Credit card and banking company and was so used to talking to adults, and now I sing, “I love you, you love me…I love Barney!” By the way, how sad is that when I get excited to see Greg Wiggles?

I still love Barney, and I still have a crush on Greg Wiggles but when I log in to TOSP and a couple other fan sites, I become an adult and I become very colorful and exciting. All of a sudden, my life is not regimented anymore. It is very entertaining, it maybe considered pure escapism, but I will take it. I have made friendships, built strong emotional relationships with people from these websites. We have helped each other through tough times; we have made each other smile even when the going gets tough. Most of all, we just listen, even when there really is no voice to be heard while posting and reading. That’s what makes it special.

Taylor Hicks and his influence is so powerful that I cannot have my soul sisters and brothers be in one place and I on another place. I wanted them to be where I am. I have pledged to give until it hurts just so I can share the experience of happiness to the rest of them. If this happiness is Taylor Hicks and seeing him in concert, I will find a way to get someone to see him, after all, he is the BOND that glued us all together, the Gorilla glue.

My involvement with the Angels was not coincidental, everything happened for a reason. I have often thought that there are people you meet everyday who will change your life and they have. These people who are helping people although the help we give them is limited, we make them smile and escape for a little bit. I am sharing in the joy of the experience and I am going to be involved with this group for as long as I can.

This experience during that Taylor Hicks tour cemented my concept of GIVING AND JOY. Taylor is so giving of himself. He gives his all when he performs, he gives his heart, his soul…..with that he also gives away a dream to a lot of his fans that someday, they can TAY-it forward… all the joy and happiness that Taylor and his other fans have given them.

I am tay-ing it forward, one soul at a time….whose soul is it today?

Written by: Claire (Webchic00)


Lmo said...

I LOVE it, Claire!!! Your couch is ruined, but who cares!!! I wonder if Taylor knows that he has done things like that to so many people!!! Thank God for this man and his amazing talents!!!

RagsQueen said...

You are so right about the effect Taylor has on us! I love being a supporter as well as a fan. I'm grateful to be able to do the things I do and being part of Taylor's Angels has been such a blessing!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Thank you for opening your heart and putting it out there for all of us to enjoy, just as Taylor does so regularly. What resonated with me through your expression was the sisterhood you touched on. I can attest to this and it has opened up a whole other world for me and has changed my life in more ways than several. Does Taylor realize just how many lives he has touched, and in such a way only those that have experienced can understand it? Thank you, Claire, and thank you, God, for utilizing Taylor in such a manner!

JessicaH said...

Amazing post Claire, I enjoyed reading it.

Not only do I work full time but I am also a full time mom and wife so I can understand the release that we can find in Taylor and TOSP. It is good for the "soul" to have those that understand the love for Taylor.

Meeting you guys and the friendships that have been created mean so much to me.

I Love You All!!

Taylor's Angels said...
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Cydter(Teri) said...

This is a wonderful story .....Taylor has inspired us all to become better people. Taylor's Angels is a blessing in my life. Thanks to this man we have formed this wonderful union of friends. Great job Claire!

Lmo said...

Happy Easter, Soul Patrol!!!
I'll bet Taylor is happy not having to wear the Easter Bunny suit this year!!!
I'll have an extra wonderful Easter this year knowing that I have met such wonderful people in this group that has been brought together by the one and only Taylor Hicks!

Claire said...

Happy Easter to everyone!!! Especially to the cutest ex-Easter Bunny in the world...Taylor Hicks!

Taylor's Angels said...

Clare, thanks for the wonderful experience of reading about your journey. I can almost feel your enthusiasm and joy. Taylor has brought so much joy into our lives and hopefully his Angels can spread the happiness to others.

maryann1 said...


Thank you for your wonderful recap. Taylor is an inspiration to all of us....It's amazing how one person has brought so much happiness and joy to so many...He has brought complete strangers together you are now helping those in need..Thank God for bringing Taylor into our lives

classy said...

Great write-up. Touches the heart.

sonyab1974 said...

TAYLOR IS AWESOME!!!! He is so inspirational! SOUL PATROLLLLLLLL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! the soul angels are awesome!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, just great. Give till it hurts. Such a way to live your life.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Claire, the friendships and bonds we have made on TOSP will remain with us forever. And to think, it was a perfect stranger and our love for him that brought us all together. We now have common threads to keep us connected in this crazy world.
Thank you Claire.
Love you

lionels02 said...

That was a great reading!! until it hurts..OUCH! I like it! :)
Looking back of what he's been through as a struggling artist, and his story that led him to audition in Las Vegas, until NOW!..still give me chills!..

Thanks Claire


lbbradshaw said...


You are truely a gifted writer, and a great Soul Sistah! I agree with you about the friendships we've formed that will last a lifetime...I cannot imagine my life without you all now...

Love ya bunches! Great Blog!-Lori

marinata said...

Beautiful and eloquently said, Claire! He truly is an inspiration to us; and he is not bad on the eyes either!

Anonymous said...

Aw, y'all have gotten me teary-eyed. What an amazing thing you have here. Kudos!


Anonymous said...

There is more to Taylor Hicks than meets the eye. His inspired me to do better with everything I do. His music calms me. Thanks for all you do, Angels! Great story, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a Google blog, how can you sign with your name (such as Xena). I tried "other" and that didn't work, so I have to choose anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Another thing. I put in the "word verification" letters below, it takes two tries. Could it be because I use Firefox?


lakota said...

I am honored to know these ladies and there compassion is honorable....

Cris said...

This is truly inspirational. When taylor hits the stage. He glows and you can tell he is also inspired by the way his fans reception of him. What a great group you are. Continue your awesome work and God bless.

Sharon said...

Inspirational stories are awesome, I love theway you all write. Taylor Hicks is blessed to have you all.

God bless all!