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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Never Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up

These are simple words. Never - meaning "not ever/not at any time".

When I knew it was my week to post an inspirational piece many thoughts came to mind about what to write. All of them very fitting and all directly related to how Taylor Hicks has inspired me and us. I decided to write about never giving up for many reasons.

Never give up certainly applies to Taylor. He was doing something he loved, his music and entertaining people, for over ten years. During that time he faced many obstacles along the way trying to get his voice and music heard. He traveled from one "gig" to another, from one city to another. Sometimes the crowds were very small but he never gave up and continued on the road, bringing his music and his wonderful soulful voice to as many people that wanted to listen, just waiting for that one big break that he needed.

I never watched American Idol until last year and it was just by chance that I decided to turn it on that January day when Taylor was called out. Before he spoke a word or sang a note from a song, there was a connection that I felt to him. I don't know quite what it was and can't explain it. I looked into his eyes and even then it was almost like looking thru to his soul and saw determination, kindness, humbleness and yes, shyness. I was hooked on Taylor Hicks from that very first moment. When he was asked to sing and I heard that beautiful, soulful, tender voice I was blown away. I have not heard a voice like his before, filled with so much passion coming straight from his heart and deep within his soul. You could tell he loved what he was doing and wanted to share it.

When the judges were deciding whether to pass him thru to Hollywood and I saw the look in his eyes, almost pleading because he knew this was his one big chance to finally get the break he needed and waited so long for. When he said, "give me a chance, just give me a chance", tears came to my eyes and my heart was bursting, praying that he would be given that chance he waited for. I think we all saw something so special in this man at that moment, something real and down-to-earth. He was passed thru to Hollywood and we all know the rest of the journey we are on with him. Taylor never gave up trying to attain his goal in life.

There are many times in our lifetime that we endeavor for a better job, a better place in life, acceptance by others, that dream house, starting our own business, etc. There are so many instances, that I am sure we can all relate to when we got to a point when we were struggling and said, I give up.

I can relate to that myself. Several years ago, I tried several time to get an interview and subsequent job with one of the largest companies in the area that I live in. After repeatedly hearing that we currently have no openings, I called my mother and explained what had been going on for several months and that I was not going to try again. I will never forget what she said to me, "never give up, don't ever give up". Those words have remained with me to this day. I called again a few days later and was granted an interview and was hired two days later.

Taylor has inspired in me in so many ways. It goes beyond his beautiful voice and his wonderful music that he has brought into our lives. That day Taylor changed my life. I was coping with the loss of two family members and each day was the same for me, the joy, happiness and fun that I always had was missing. Taylor brought that back into my life thru his music that moves my soul, the way he cares and reaches out to those less fortunate, his good heart, his gentle, kind spirit and that beautiful smile that lights up a room when he is in it.

I couldn't wait for Tuesday and Wednesday night just to see Taylor again. He made me happy, he made me smile. I will always be grateful to him, for I don't know if he realizes the impact he has had on so many lives because he never gave up on his dream. Because of him, my desire to see him at the last AI concert, I overcame my fear of flying and flew from the West Coast to Pennsylvania where I was born and raised, all because of this one man who never gave up.

I have never belonged to a fan club, never paid to see any performer more than once, (I have seen Taylor eight times) and will be seeing him several more times, never got involved with charities beyond my hometown and state. I became a member of TOSP and have met so many wonderful people and learned about and support KidOne and SBTT.

Never before have I thought about promoting and supporting an artist and his music. Taylor has changed that for me forever. I have talked to so many friends, family, and business people where I live, about him and his music and have given his CD, including UTR to a business owner who liked Taylor from the beginning and is now playing his CD in their store.

I belive that everything happens for a reason and that God has plans for Taylor and for us. Taylor came into our lives when we needed him and we came into his live when he needed us. My involvement with the Angels was meant to be, it happened for a reason and like Taylor, has opened up so many new and wonderful experiences and ways to help those in need and at the same time experience their joy and happiness. This is, after all what live is all about.

As Taylor said in an interview a few months ago, "It's all about being nice and helping people and make the world a more humanistic place".

We have all come together and formed new friendships, support charities, help and encourage each other when we need it the most, form prayer chains for those that are in need of prayer to get through tough times, and support a wonderful artist and musician.

All of this has happened because one man named Taylor Hicks never gave up on his dream.

Written by: Mary Ann (maryann1)

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RagsQueen said...

Great words of encouragement! Giving up too soon leads to unfulfilled dreams. Perseverance almost always pays off.

lakota said...

Eveyone should dream and dream big. aNever give up on your dreams it will happen...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Perseverance certainly paid off for me after my brain surgery. I was unable to walk properly, couldn't dress myself, lost most of my math skills, had trouble telling time and other mental difficulties. I could have taken a disability retirement at the time, but it was important to me that I go back to work. After months of therapy and training, I was able to return to work on a limited basis. Eventually I did take the disability retirement. Some of the mental skills have come back, but the physical limitations are permanent; however I deal with them. Ironically, a colleague told me, that I was an inspiration to her. She said "some days I just don't feel like getting up and going to work, then I see you struggle to get here, so I figure I can do it too". It never occurred to me that anyone might view me that way. Just as I'm sure Taylor never expected to be considered a role model, or inspiration when he auditioned. We just never know how people view us, making it all the more important that we put our best selves forward as much as possible.

Taylor's Angels said...

Very well said, Anonymous.
Mary Ann-- we need to remind ourselves of this everyday!! Thank you for sharing!
-- Leslie (Lmo4taylor1)

Cydter (Teri) said...

This are great words to live by. Never Give UP - Don't Ever give Up!
You must always be positive and look at the positive even in bad situations. Things always have a way of working out.
Thank you!

DidNotExpectThat said...

Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational message with us all. We are all reminded of the value of perseverance.