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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Soul Patroller Tays-it-Forward to Taylor Hicks

So many times since the inception of Taylor’s Angels, I have found myself amazed at the generosity of the Soul Patrol. I don’t know why, since it is that very generosity that Taylor’s Angels is founded on; but I guess in this day and age where it is so easy to be inundated with negativity, the positive and heartfelt actions of someone make my world come to a stop and make me think about the goodness in the world. It’s also these actions that make me proud to be a Soul Patroller. Another such one of those moments happened this weekend in Dallas.

A couple of weeks ago, Taylor’s Angels received an email from a wonderful lady by the name of Jonnelle (“judyjs” on The Official Soul Patrol). She explained that she needed some help tweaking her plans to present Taylor Hicks with a gift at the Dallas Meet and Greet, for which she’d won a pass. In a moment of what was probably sheer desperation for her, she contacted us. Our minor role is nothing compared to what she did.

When Jonnelle was reading Taylor’s book Heart Full of Soul, she kept going back and going back to page 159 where Taylor mentions that he would love to have the voucher for the plane trip he used to get to the Las Vegas American Idol auditions. Everyone reading this probably knows the paragraph that I’m talking about. We all read it. And that’s just the point. We READ it. Jonnelle took it upon herself to contact the airline and actually find the voucher.

To her surprise, the airline still had a copy of it. That’s when the wheels really started turning. To make a long story and a lot of planning and phone calls short, Jonnelle assisted in presenting that very voucher to Taylor Hicks himself this past Friday in Dallas. Her entire recap can be read here HttP://

I wanted all of you to know about Jonnelle not just because what I think she did for Taylor was fabulous, but because what she did really shows her character and what a great person she is.

How many of us go about our day THINKING of doing something good for someone? I know I do all the time, but more often than not, that’s as far as I get with the project. Just thinking “oh, that’d be nice”. I do sometimes take it one step further and actually pick up a gift for someone, but I have the darndest time actually getting that gift delivered. I have a couple at the house right now that need to go in the mail. Jonnelle actually DID something about it.

Who is Jonnelle? She’s not a corporate executive or the mayor of some city, big or small. No, she doesn’t have that kind of pull. She’s a normal average person like most of us. But she wasn’t afraid to put her thoughts into action by starting with one small phone call. She wasn’t afraid to be told “no, this can’t happen”. In fact, when she came to a standstill in her plans, she still didn’t stop. She reached out to others for help, not knowing if her goal of actually getting the voucher to Taylor would ever materialize, Jonnelle wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. She didn’t give up, she didn’t give in, and she certainly didn’t take “no” for an answer.

It was this gift to Taylor that was Jonnelle’s way of thanking him for all of the wonderful music he has brought into her life. Like so many of us, Taylor’s music has had a profound impact on her life. She has Tayed-it-Forward to the man, himself.

Will you be able to put your kind thoughts into action? Will you be able to make that phone call that can change someone’s life for forever. The next time I’m in a situation where I find myself thinking “Oh, that would be nice”, I hope I stop and think about what Jonnelle did. I hope I stop and realize that all it takes is one person—no matter who they are—to make someone’s dream come true.

Thank you Jonnelle for inspiring me. You have made your mark on my life for years to come.

By Leslie Mozingo

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marymagdalene said...

That is SUCH a wonderful story...

Kudos go out to Jonnelle for not only THINKING about doing this, but ACTUALLY DOING it!!!

When Jonelle thought that she might be coming up against a brick wall, she contacted you all...

Kudos to all of you wonderful ladies for, again, FOLLOWING THROUGH with the process!

Absolutely amazing!!!

Taylor's Angels said...
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KarinP said...

Leslie, your blog entry really hits the nail on the head. How often do we take the time to "do unto others as they would do unto us"? We all have good intentions but sometimes we get sidetracked or think what difference could I really make. I am not an infuential person so we let the idea drop.

We "are" all important in this world. Sometimes, we might get an idea late at night and then, in the light of day, perhaps we think "oh, maybe it is a crazy idea" and it will be impossible to do this.

Jonnelle's story proves that we can all make a difference in making someone else's life a bit brighter. Even the Soulman's life. We may think he has everything he needs, but look at what happened in Dallas. There was something he did not have and through Jonnelle's persistence and determination, she was able to make it a reality. Of course, she needed some help from her "friends" and you know, that in itself it important here too. Taylor's Angels and SW stepped up to the plate and worked together with Jonnelle to make it actually happen. I am sure that Taylor was absolutely stunned when this presentation occurred.

I admire Jonnelle for being a person with a big heart and having a determined soul! Kudos to all that made this possible. Thank you for reminding me about the story "The Little Engine That Could".

Taylor's Angels said...

Never Give Up! Never Falter! Be Generous, Be Thoughtful...Think of Others!

Life lessons that are hard for a lot of people to learn, and yet one person took them to heart, Jonnelle is truly an inspiration! Taylor Hicks is blessed to have her on his side!

Claire (webchic00)

Annie said...

This is a wonderful, inspiring story that shows what happens when you put a little idea into motion- what big things you can accomplish. Jonnelle proved that by going the distance, and not just thinking about it, but putting those thoughts into action, and she succeeded in her efforts. Thanks to Taylor's Angels and SouthWest Airlines for taking part in this fantastic gift to Taylor. And Leslie, you showed some of this yourself when you opened yourself and your home to a stranger this past spring. You know what it is to personally make dreams come true.

SoulPatrolDanny(unofficial Bosley) said...

Now I know why I fly Southwest!! They Tayed it forward before Taying it forward was cool!! Because of them, Taylor was able to realize his dream. Kudos to Jonelle for doing this for our Soul Man!!

maryann1 said...

A truly inspirational story about how one person, Jonelle persisted against odds to locate the coveted SWA ticket voucher that Taylor has talked and written about since AI. How many of us, me included have heard him say that he would like to get a copy of it...Jonelle is the one who Actually did something about it..

We all hoped he would someday get it...those are the good intentions that so many had....Thanks to Jonelle following thru and making Taylor's dream come true.

Thank you Leslie for your wonderfully written recap of this inspiring event.

RagsQueen said...

We have all been blessed by finding the music of Taylor Hicks as well as many new friends, and what a wonderful way to celebrate and remember Taylor with a gift that meant something to him!

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe all of this. The love, support and so many words of goodwill from so many is truly mind-boggling to me. It was a higher power that orchestrated this chain of events.

There are no words to express to the Angels how I feel about them. Claire understood my thoughts from the beginning and then everyone else just went into high gear to make this happen for Taylor.

Leslie, this blog is so wonderful. It has touched my heart to the core. Thank you all for letting me have "My Moment in the Sun" for a little while.

The Angels are smart,savy women with the biggest hearts I have ever known. They also possess the softness and a profound intuition to the needs of others.

What more can I say to you, Leslie?
Your eloquent use of words is astounding. You touched my heart.

Thanks to all the Taylor's Angels. God is watching over you I know. I love you all.


Anonymous said...

WOOO!!! Leslie that was a wonderful story. I had heard that he received the LV voucher, but had no idea that it was a SP'er that had made it happen. Thank you for sharing her story.

B :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Jonelle!

You made Taylor a happy man and gave him something he will never forget. This is his "golden ticket" that changed his life. You preserved the memory forever!!
Fantastic story!

Teri (cydter)

Anonymous said...

You are so right Leslie when you say we often think of doing things for others, but seldom seem to go the extra mile.
Jonnelle did and it paid off immensly!
Kudos to her for having such a beautiful heart and thoughtful soul.
I remember the story in his book well, God Bless Jonelle for having the determination to see Taylor got this special gift he so deserved.

Sherry (lovedthepurplejacket)

Anonymous said...

You are so right Leslie when you say we often think of doing things for others, but seldom seem to go the extra mile.
Jonnelle did and it paid off immensly!
Kudos to her for having such a beautiful heart and thoughtful soul.
I remember the story in his book well, God Bless Jonelle for having the determination to see Taylor got this special gift he so deserved.

Sherry (lovedthepurplejacket)

Anonymous said...

Hi "My" Leslie,
I truly enjoyed your beautifully written story. I just love TOSP,Taylor's Angel's & all the wonderful people I've met since I've been here.I'm proud to be associated with such a great group of people.
You know I love You,