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Seven Mile Breakdown

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


As Taylor Hicks concert tour is coming to an end in September we should take the time to reflect and remember all the wonderful memories we share of the artistry, musicianship and performances that Taylor has given his fans and supporters. It is also a time to look forward to the future to share more of the same when he returns from visiting his muses and is ready to give us more great music, songs and performances. It is a time to cherish the new friends that we have made along this journey and all the wonderful concerts and great times we had, making travel arrangements, meeting people that we met thru the fansites and only corresponded with thru emails or phone calls or PM's, then scrambling to buy tickets and trying to get the best seats available.

The good times traveling to cities we never dreamed we would be in all due to one person, Taylor Hicks, who inspired us to see one more concert which then turned into many more. His pure joy, passion and love for his craft comes thru when he is on stage. His concerts have been memorable, we walk away hoping they could go on for many hours instead of having to end for the night. The wonderful, talented group of musicians that backed up Taylor made the concerts all the more memorable. We will never forget their enthusiasm.

It is a time to look back at all the many new and wonderful, caring people that we have met along the way and the opportunities of giving back, that we have had on this journey for the past two years.

There have been many times when we have met or been made aware of those with a particular need, whether an individual or a charitiable organization that serves the need of many.

It has been because of the example that Taylor has set to give back to those less fortunate and give from the heart, not because you have to, but because deep in your heart you want to. It is giving from the heart to someone else in whatever small way we can that we gain so much more in return.

The next few months will be a time to look to the future while Taylor is visiting his muses and writing more songs to take us all on another journey. It will be a time of memories and reflection of a wonderful and caring man with with a deep love for his craft and for his fellow man.

The following I think, in some small way applies to Taylor Hicks.

"Be Who You Are"

Let the true spirit of who you are shine through in all that you do.
Let your hopes and dreams always guide you in the direction
that you definitely believe in.
Let the love that is within your heart never stop being the most
important and beautiful part of your life.
Travel through time not as one alone, but as one among many;
reach out to those who need your gentle spirit and caring ways.
Make your passage through time an endless journey of love.

"I will not pretend to be anyone but me - I am as I am.

Written by: Mary Ann Woloschuk

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KarinP said...

Mary Ann, I really enjoyed your Blog. So much has happened this past year and so many miles have been travelled by so many people who became good friends.

I especially loved the ending of your blog. Definitely "food" for the Soul!

Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. It is a time to reflect and remember. This year has been a wonderful ride for all of us. And like you said most of us have done things that we would never have done if it were not for Taylor Hicks!
The friendships we have made will last a lifetime!

RagsQueen said...

What a beautiful post, Mary Ann! This past year, for me, has been a whirlwind of fun, meeting & making new friends, enjoying good music, and doing things I never thought I would ever do! Those memories will last a lifetime, and over the next few months while Taylor is taking a break to spend time with his muses, I will spend time with mine. We all need time to just reflect on what we've done, where we've been, and why.

Lmo said...

Mary Ann-- that was beautiful. Yes, this has been a wild year not just for the Soul Man himself, but we have each been on our own journeys. I wish I could hang out with all of you at each show. The commraderie and friendships I have made because of this man are incredible and I will forever cherish!! I can't wait to see what next year brings!

DidNotExpectThat said...

These are beautiful thoughts and this past year has been filled with wonderful memories. Until the next tour...

Anonymous said...

Following Taylors tours online and listening to his music have made a couple of rough years an enjoyable time to remember. I owe him a lot.Hope I can continue to listen to him and watch him for many years to come. He makes me happy.