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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Hero Comes Home To Millersville

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A couple of months ago, I received an email from Soldiers' Angels. There was a man in the Air Force stationed in Kuwait, 20 miles from Iraq, who was looking for a Heart Full Of Soul book by Taylor Hicks. I hadn't checked my troop drive email for several days, and when I did check it, there was an email from this man to me too. He knew about the Proud Of Our Troops drive and wanted to read Taylor's book. So off went a box of goodies, including Taylor's Heart Full Of Soul book, to my new buddy Ted. We corresponded via emails, and then another twist of fate took place. Ted told me that he was from PA, and he went to college in Millersville before he was called overseas for active duty. He was set to come back home shortly before Taylor's concert, and he wanted to know if I knew of any way he could get tickets to Taylor's Millersville concert. Being in Kuwait, there was no way for Ted to buy the tickets to the concert. All I could think was "Wow, this is fate!" I proceeded to tell Ted that I run the Proud Of Our Troops drive by myself, but what a coincidence because I was also part of Taylor's Angels, and that is part of what our group does. Not a problem, I told him. If he wanted to go to Taylor's concert, then he would go.

I prayed that Ted would arrive home safely, and also that he wouldn't get last minute notice that he had to stay overseas longer than he expected. I pestered my Taylor's Angels group with questions and worries. "You don't think he'll get notice that he has to stay longer, do you?," I'd ask with worry. My Taylor's Angels group lovingly and patiently answered the same questions over and over to keep me from worrying. Then the email I was waiting for finally came. Ted had arrived home safely! I was so happy for him! His active duty was finally over and he could start his life anew.

Taylor's Angels kicked into gear to get Ted and his family to the concert. He was excited that he was going to his first Taylor Hicks concert. A reporter contacted him to do a story on him. The story has yet to come out, but hopefully when it does, we can put it here. The wonderful hearted concert promoter was so touched by Ted's story that he also wanted to do something nice for Ted. He got Ted and his family meet and greets! How exciting for Ted! He was going to meet Taylor! Although I did not go to the Millersville concert, Ted told me that he had an awesome time. Fate had struck once again. A man so far away wanted Taylor's book and a way to get concert tickets, and he ended up talking to the very person who ran a Heart Full Of Soul book drive to the troops and was part of a group who could get him the concert tickets. A man who spent years in a hot desert, doing his part to keep our country free, was finally home safe and sound, and got to do some very special things. God bless Ted. God bless the troops.

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Jean (PurpleButterflies)

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poetcindy said...

WOnderful. So great all that Taylor's Angels and just SP in general do for others. Ted came home safe to his family, got Tays book, a concert and a meet and greet. What a great welcome home.

tishlp said...

Oh wow, I just got the warmest feeling reading this story. Taylor really touches so many people.

cochem said...


I had the opportunity to meet Ted at the concert...I was in the GA line at Millersville and he came out and asked who wanted a M&G...I said "I do"..Apparently his sister couldn't make it,so I learned all about you giving him the book and I met his mom & dad..He was very excited meeting Taylor..His parents even got to sit down with Taylor...His mom is from lower Alabama...His dad had been to Daughtry, Picklers, and Bucky's concert so he was excited...When the concert started I was sitting 3rd row center aisle when I saw Ted go up past me to get a picture/video of Taylor...He stayed the whole concert in that same place..Just after Taylor sang The Right Place I headed for the stage and I came up behind Ted and said "come on get closer, he's going to do the encore"...Ted said "are you sure?'....We stood up at center of the stage just behind Candi & Marcy...He loved the concert and so did his parents..I told him to go online and check out the boogie board...Jean, he mentioned you several times...I am so glad he got to see Taylor up close and personal...thanks for all you do

cochem (deb)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jean. Such a great story. I'm so glad he contacted you and that this was able to be done. They deserve so much after all the hard work that they do to keep us safe.

B :)

Anonymous said...

Great story, so glad that Ted got to see Taylor. Real Life has been a real pain lately and I don't feel like I have been doing enough positive things for Taylor. Hope to get here a little more often to see all that is going on.

maryann1 said...

Thank you for the wonderful story about how fate worked to make all these factors come together and make a soldiers dream come true, not only for him but also his family.

So glad he not only has a copy of Taylor's book, but also met him and saw a wonderful concert.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! I'm so glad Ted enjoyed the show, and that you were able to make his dream come true!

R ;)

miknerak said...

This story just touched my heart in so many ways. I have family in Iraq now and others who have come back broken in spirit if not in body. It is so extremely wonderful that Ted made it home alive and well and seemingly whole. How wonderful you were to get him the book AND concert tickets!!! And to the promoter for making a gift truly remarkable with the M&G. I am often amazed at the capacity for generosity that people possess. Taylor is the catalyst to all the generosity, I do believe. What a wonderful thing to be! Thank you for sharing and I hope to read that article soon and maybe with a picture too!

judyjs said...

Wonderful story. It warms my heart every time to hear these stories. Taylor is a special man and people love him all over. And Taylor's Angels come through once again. You girls are amazing. Your hearts are forever changing lives with your generosity and compassion. Taylor is so lucky to have you on his side, so to speak.
I love you guys. Thank you for being who you are. I believe Ted and his family are very appreciative. It is so gratifying to know our soldiers can rely on people for extraordinary events like this one with Taylor. Meeting Taylor is such a fabulous experience.


KarinP said...

I was so happy to read this story. When I saw it, I remembered how touched I was when you first posted about Ted months ago.

This is a definite "feel good" story to read and even better to now know that Ted arrived home safely and had the opportunity to meet Taylor. I am just so moved by Ted's story.

Thank you so very much for giving us the update! Taylor's Angels and the Troop Drive should all be very proud!

Anonymous said...

From beginning to end this story was an incredible twist of fate.
It was all meant to be for him.
And his wish came full circle when he met Taylor. God bless him!


Anonymous said...

Jean, that was a truly beautiful story of synchronicity. Taylor forges such wonderful connections. God bless you all at Taylor's Angels ... you truly make him proud.

(kaitlin45 AKA taylorssoul)

Taylor's Angels said...

I was so worried that Ted wouldn't make it home for this show. He has been so excited about it for weeks! I wish we could get all of our troops home and with such a special homecoming.

Tamara said...

Y'all are my heroes!