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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Taylor Hicks.. A Positive Role Model For A Special Young Girl

Taylor Hicks
has touched many people from all walks of life with his compassionate and caring heart, especially for children and those with disabilities. Taylor always reaches out to help bring a smile and make the day a little brighter to those that he meets at his concerts and the various charities that he is an integral part of.

Over the past several months there have been many stories written and shared how Taylor has inspired and reached out to someone who needed their spirits lifted either with a smile or a kind word or simply a handshake or hug.

Taylor Hicks has encouraged and inspired many thru his music and kindness and has altered and changed many lives in small and big ways. Taylor’s Angels was recently made aware of one such person who has been touched in a big way by Taylor. Her name is Mallorie. Mallorie's mother has asked us to share her story.

Mallorie is a “very special” young six year old girl. She is special because she displays courage in the face of having to deal with several very serious illnesses--one of which is a heart condition. Mallorie has endured many surgeries and is facing more.

As a result of her medical condition, Mallorie developed a very low self esteem. She would sleep for many hours during the day. All she would watch on TV were the shows that all children her age watch and she would only listen to kids songs. Her family knew about American Idol and started watching Season Five from the beginning. Interestingly, Mallorie began intently watching every episode sitting in her mother’s lap. When Taylor Hicks walked out at the audition Mallorie listened to him and her first reaction was to jump up and say “He’s gonna win!”. From that point on she never missed a show, Taylor stole her heart.

She mentioned his name several times a day and the night he won the whole family was overcome with joy, especially Mallorie. The more she listened to him over the weeks, she related to him in some type of way, such as the way he would stay true to himself. She took in everything Taylor said or did. Now she feels that even though she is different from other kids she will not try to change, she tries to make the best of her life just as Taylor has done. His music has helped her so much, that she is always listening to him whether at the doctor’s office or in the hospital. She has talked to the doctors and nurses about Taylor. In fact she has converted many of them to Taylor fans. Her biggest and only wish was to someday meet Taylor, whereas other children wanted to go to Disneyland.

Her family believes in the power of prayer and in God. They have been praying that Mallorie’s dream would one day soon come true. With all the medical expenses that have been incurred by the family, plus a job loss in the interim, they weren’t sure how this would be possible, but prayed that somehow God would watch over Mallorie until it was possible for her to one day see Taylor in person.

Someone from the Americal Idol board, a wonderful woman by the name of Debbie, heard about Mallorie and contacted us. Debbie told Taylor's Angels the heartwarming story about Mallorie and her dream, and we completely fell for this child. Mallorie's mother has asked us to tell the Soul Patrol about her brave daughter.

Mallorie and her family live near Orange Beach, where Taylor would be playing in concert on September 2nd. The family knew that they had to go. As fate would have it, Mallorie was able to actually meet her Idol before the show.

When Debbie heard about this Meet and Greet that was about to take place, she sent us this wonderful email: "This is such wonderful news. I have the biggest smile on my face!"

As you know, Mallorie had a dream to see, meet or talk to Taylor Hicks. The day of the concert, all of her dreams were about to come true.

This is the email that Taylor’s Angels received from Renee Sullivan after they returned from the show.
“We truly had the most wonderful time. These memories will last us a lifetime...Mallorie’s dream [has] come true. Please share the pics with all the Angel’s... With Love, Renee”

This is Renee Sullivan’s message to all:

“I would like to post how wonderful you all have been to us. It touched me and my family that strangers came and did so much for us, you are friends now, dear friends that we will always be grateful to, even if this wouldn’t have happened for Mallorie, I have looked over Taylor’s Angels website. You all are doing wonderful things for people. I hope in turn you all are blessed for all you are doing.

The children were thrilled to meet Taylor as you will probably see in the pictures. Taylor is so unbelievably nice to children. Especially to be a single man with no children, he has turned out to be a good and true Idol for us as well as every bodies children. Off to my motherly duties now. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. With love, Ren.”

Mallorie’s mother also says that she is thankful for many things that have happened to the family and also “Taylor Hicks for being a good role model and positive person for my children”.She says he has brought Mallorie so far in life and has made her change the way she acts and thinks. She has become more outgoing, free spirited and is not shy at all anymore. She even does the Soul Patrol shout out that Taylor does. After meeting Taylor she is happier and her health seemed to improve a little. He has taken a little girl that has been so sick for so long in her short six years and put the spirit back into her life. She smiles more and dances to Taylor’s music. Mallorie wakes up everyday with a good outlook and follows all the rules to a ‘T’ and says I’m doing it for Taylor.

Mallorie’s mother also says that “Everybody is surprised how a grown man has had that impact on such a young soul. But then we realize, Taylor Hicks can get to everybody’s soul”. This man has taken my daughter’s life and changed it for the better. And even more so after meeting him”.

When Mallorie met Taylor she had him sign her scrapbook that the Soul Patrol made for her. She told him to sign a picture of her. Then she asked Taylor if he would marry her!! Taylor told her that he was going to keep her picture so he would always remember her.

This is a remarkable story of a brave girl who has battled illness and remained brave. She never gave up and had a dream to someday see or meet Taylor Hicks. Her dreams were fulfilled. Taylor never gave up on his dream and neither did Mallorie.
Taylor Hicks' compassion, caring and love for children touched this young girl’s heart and made all of her dreams come true. Dreams that will last in her heart forever.

God Bless Taylor Hicks for being a positive role model and having an impact not only for Mallorie but also all the children and people that are influenced by his compassionate and caring heart.

Renee wanted Mallorie's story posted and brought to the Soul Patrol. Mallorie needs all of our prayers right now. We ask that you pray for this family and Mallorie’s well being.

Written by Mary Ann (maryann1)

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RagsQueen said...

What a beautiful story the family has shared with us. It's stories and opportunities like this that let me know what a wonderful opportunity we have to share the gift of Taylor's music with others. Being part of this group is truly a blessing. This child, as well as others, are always in my prayers.

Lmo said...

Mallorie and her family will continue in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story; May God bless you all. And may God bless Taylor Hicks.

KTINTN said...

This is the 2nd story/recap that I have read today and again, your heart swells w/ so much emotion. So happy that another brave young child has had her dream fulfilled thanks to Taylor and with the help of Taylor's Angels.

Gr8fulheart said...

Oh My Goodess! What a heart-warming story with a beautiful outcome. Just like so many others, I am not surprised that Taylor would share his time with a child. Taylor has this inner 'Sweet Spirit' that flows outwardly to everyone he meets. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. He makes hearts smile!
May God continue to bless Taylor as he blesses others. SOUL PATROL!

DJinKC said...

Mallorie will be in my prayers, after all she is a TRUE Soul Patroller!!!!! (LOL, asked Taylor to marry her, how cute is that!) Angels you've done it again, bless you all!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this beautiful story. Taylor continues to touch so many, many people on so many levels.

This is probably asking a lot, but maybe one of the mods here would consider posting this beautiful story on the American Idol board. I just think that more people beyond the Soul Patrol should get a better look into Taylor's heart of gold, and the Idol board is a good place to start, for obvious reasons.

Many thanks if you do this. Prayers are being said for little Mallorie, who is now a role model herself.

I am computer inept and will screw up the "identity" thing at the bottom of this page. My name is Kathleen, and I post on the boards as kaitlin45. I just think words carry more weight when we identify ourselves, particularly when it comes to educating people about who Taylor really is as a person and an artist.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful family who has stuck together to make this little girl's life happy. She is a brave little heart who has endured more than most of us could ever imagine.
It's a lesson to be learned when we complain in life about "NOTHING".
God Bless them and help them each and everyday.
Thank you Taylor for once again giving of yourself to make a dream come true. You touched an angel.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful, heartwarming story. Little Mallorie will be in my thoughts. I can only imagine how her mom felt to see her little girl go from shy and afraid to joyous and outgoing. Being a mother of a 6 year old girl, I would be grateful to anyone that could do what noone else had been able to achieve. Thank you Angels for giving us a chance to read these beautiful stories and thank you Taylor for being the reason so many lives have changed because you brought out something in them that they felt they were missing.

B :)

Renee Sullivan said...

I'm very honored to say I'm Mallorie's mom. I have been reading the other post and wanted to drop in a comment. Mal has been through more than anybody I know and certianly has been very brave. she has carried her love with Taylor through so much.There was times she wouldnt talk to any body on the phone at the hosp unless they were Taylor. I thank god everyday for the angels that led us to Taylor's Angels. Mallorie has prospered so much. She is such a happy and outgoing child after meeting her Idol taylor Hicks. She tells everyone of her adventure as well as she has made a Taylor scrapbook that she takes everywhere and shows to everybody. She is still getting him more fans. Maybe my baby will grow up to be a promoter... Taylor is truly wonderful with children. He has a really good heart. I thank Taylor Hicks everyday for putting the life back into my baby girl