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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Never Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up

These are simple words. Never - meaning "not ever/not at any time".

When I knew it was my week to post an inspirational piece many thoughts came to mind about what to write. All of them very fitting and all directly related to how Taylor Hicks has inspired me and us. I decided to write about never giving up for many reasons.

Never give up certainly applies to Taylor. He was doing something he loved, his music and entertaining people, for over ten years. During that time he faced many obstacles along the way trying to get his voice and music heard. He traveled from one "gig" to another, from one city to another. Sometimes the crowds were very small but he never gave up and continued on the road, bringing his music and his wonderful soulful voice to as many people that wanted to listen, just waiting for that one big break that he needed.

I never watched American Idol until last year and it was just by chance that I decided to turn it on that January day when Taylor was called out. Before he spoke a word or sang a note from a song, there was a connection that I felt to him. I don't know quite what it was and can't explain it. I looked into his eyes and even then it was almost like looking thru to his soul and saw determination, kindness, humbleness and yes, shyness. I was hooked on Taylor Hicks from that very first moment. When he was asked to sing and I heard that beautiful, soulful, tender voice I was blown away. I have not heard a voice like his before, filled with so much passion coming straight from his heart and deep within his soul. You could tell he loved what he was doing and wanted to share it.

When the judges were deciding whether to pass him thru to Hollywood and I saw the look in his eyes, almost pleading because he knew this was his one big chance to finally get the break he needed and waited so long for. When he said, "give me a chance, just give me a chance", tears came to my eyes and my heart was bursting, praying that he would be given that chance he waited for. I think we all saw something so special in this man at that moment, something real and down-to-earth. He was passed thru to Hollywood and we all know the rest of the journey we are on with him. Taylor never gave up trying to attain his goal in life.

There are many times in our lifetime that we endeavor for a better job, a better place in life, acceptance by others, that dream house, starting our own business, etc. There are so many instances, that I am sure we can all relate to when we got to a point when we were struggling and said, I give up.

I can relate to that myself. Several years ago, I tried several time to get an interview and subsequent job with one of the largest companies in the area that I live in. After repeatedly hearing that we currently have no openings, I called my mother and explained what had been going on for several months and that I was not going to try again. I will never forget what she said to me, "never give up, don't ever give up". Those words have remained with me to this day. I called again a few days later and was granted an interview and was hired two days later.

Taylor has inspired in me in so many ways. It goes beyond his beautiful voice and his wonderful music that he has brought into our lives. That day Taylor changed my life. I was coping with the loss of two family members and each day was the same for me, the joy, happiness and fun that I always had was missing. Taylor brought that back into my life thru his music that moves my soul, the way he cares and reaches out to those less fortunate, his good heart, his gentle, kind spirit and that beautiful smile that lights up a room when he is in it.

I couldn't wait for Tuesday and Wednesday night just to see Taylor again. He made me happy, he made me smile. I will always be grateful to him, for I don't know if he realizes the impact he has had on so many lives because he never gave up on his dream. Because of him, my desire to see him at the last AI concert, I overcame my fear of flying and flew from the West Coast to Pennsylvania where I was born and raised, all because of this one man who never gave up.

I have never belonged to a fan club, never paid to see any performer more than once, (I have seen Taylor eight times) and will be seeing him several more times, never got involved with charities beyond my hometown and state. I became a member of TOSP and have met so many wonderful people and learned about and support KidOne and SBTT.

Never before have I thought about promoting and supporting an artist and his music. Taylor has changed that for me forever. I have talked to so many friends, family, and business people where I live, about him and his music and have given his CD, including UTR to a business owner who liked Taylor from the beginning and is now playing his CD in their store.

I belive that everything happens for a reason and that God has plans for Taylor and for us. Taylor came into our lives when we needed him and we came into his live when he needed us. My involvement with the Angels was meant to be, it happened for a reason and like Taylor, has opened up so many new and wonderful experiences and ways to help those in need and at the same time experience their joy and happiness. This is, after all what live is all about.

As Taylor said in an interview a few months ago, "It's all about being nice and helping people and make the world a more humanistic place".

We have all come together and formed new friendships, support charities, help and encourage each other when we need it the most, form prayer chains for those that are in need of prayer to get through tough times, and support a wonderful artist and musician.

All of this has happened because one man named Taylor Hicks never gave up on his dream.

Written by: Mary Ann (maryann1)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Will You Use Your Inspiration?

I was completely ready to post an inspirational piece about a friend of mine and how she would have loved Taylor Hicks if she was still alive, and may save the story for later on. But, as this was “my week” to write an inspirational story, the story about Debbie just didn’t seem to fit. My mind keeps going back to Virginia Polytechnic University and the horrible tragedy that has befallen not just on that campus, but on everyone.

First of all, on behalf of all seven of the Taylor’s Angels, I would like to offer our condolences for the victims and their families. I would also like to offer condolences for the rest of the world. For what happened this week in Blacksburg, Virginia didn’t end at the University. It touches families and friends all over the world. It affects us all.

All day today and yesterday, I kept hearing people ask, “What would make someone do something like that? Who IS this person who could so callously shoot innocent people?” All over the news, the media, students, teachers, neighbors are trying to decipher and analyze the young shooter to try to make some sort of sense out of all of this. Then I realized, these questions have come about too late. It’s time we all ask ourselves “What type of inspiration did I give to people today?”

Webster’s defines “inspiration” as:
1. an inspiring or animating action or influence;
2. something inspired, as an idea.
3. a result of inspired activity
4. a thing or person that inspires
5. the act of inspiring; quality or state of being inspired

After really, really thinking about this word, I have realized that I have been fortunate to have some wonderful and positive influences on my life. Granted, there have been those who have come into my life who have left their mark in a negative way, but I feel I’ve only taken those experiences with me as “lessons learned” rather than having incorporated them into a way of life. My positive influences have gifted me with years of education (thanks, Dad!), a great sense of humor (thanks, Mom!), affection, friendship and a positive outlook on life (thanks to my great friends!).

So, how does Taylor Hicks fit in this, you ask? It was with this base of experience and influence that I was drawn to Taylor. The part of me that was tired of the mundane music created and crammed down our throats today was suddenly kick-started back to life when I first saw him audition. Because of him, I have been “turned on” to new music—Ray LaMontagne and Toby Lightman just to name a couple. From him, I have been inspired to open up my world and reach out to people I’ve never met before. Some people who live even in another country. I’ve been compelled to ask for help and guidance from cyber-friends; I’ve been lead to help others who need it. I’ve dedicated time and attention to people I’ve never met, but I can “see” their smiles and feel their excitement when Taylor’s Angels informs them that their dream is coming true--- that help is on the way. It warms my heart and makes me walk with more purpose and determination. I’ve always felt I had a “meaningful” life, but through the work that I’ve done here, and the friendships that have been made, I’m realizing that my life has even more meaning. I’m touching people in a positive way that I’ll probably never get a chance to meet face to face. And I realize that by making them happy, they will probably go and try to make someone else happy. This is the true meaning of Taying-it-Forward. This is the inspiration that Taylor has given me. He may never know it, and that’s fine. The karma is there and it’s all good.

Then, I thought, “OK, I’ve been inspired in so many good ways, how do I inspire others?” WOW. That thought can be scary—was someone influenced by me when I was in a bad mood (YIKES!); or, have I passed on more positive influences already in my life?

I ask all of you to ask yourselves this for the next few days, especially as an entire University begins to heal—ask yourselves “how did I inspire someone?” Have you ever given a hug to someone just because you thought they looked like they could use one? I have and every time I’ve done it, the response I got was “how’d you know I needed that right now?” Have you praised a child lately for something as simple as being able to count to 10? The smile you will get back is worth a dozen “I love you’s”. I promise.

I ask each of you to please take the next few days to realize that YOU are an inspiration to others. Will you abuse or use that gift? Perhaps if more of us were to USE that gift, there would be fewer tragedies in the world. Perhaps if we hugged and praised people more, then there would be less anger in the world. It certainly can’t hurt to try.

The inspiration from Taylor’s music will always be there, but the inspiration from Taylor reaches beyond the notes and the lyrics. I am proud of the many, many people who have generously reached out to someone through their gifts. I am gifted back when a recipient thanks us profusely and lets us know just how positively we have changed their life, even if for a few moments.

Written by: Leslie (Lmo4taylor1)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


BELIEVE: to have a particular mind set for a certain situation or hopeful outcome.

Believing in yourself and what you stand for is the theme for this story.When you believe in something with your whole heart, your dreams can come true. Taylor Hicks believed when he took that plane to Las Vegas for the American Idol auditions. He could of gone anywhere in the world, but he listened to his heart. He believed in himself and his dream came true. The following is a true story written by a close friend and how she believed…..

“I have always believed that God gives us angels. You never know when, where or why they come into your life. This last year, I have felt those angels in ways I could never have imagined. Back in my high school days, I had an art teacher who helped to reveal my talent. Michael was prematurely gray and would perch on the art tables and with his long legs swinging he would either sing old blues tunes or wail on his harp during class. I was mesmerized by that melancholy, soulful sound. That man played a pivotal role in my life.

Years later I turned on the television and saw Taylor Hicks. When he pulled out his harp to play, I was nailed to the floor. Old memories came flooding back of music and laughter, comfort and a long lost friendship. There was an old familiarity about Taylor that made me smile. There he stood and from his lips I heard this amazing soulful voice and saw destiny in his eyes. That destiny would eventually touch my own life.

After immersing myself in the world of a Taylor Hicks fan, I decided to attend the “mini-Soul Patrol” convention in Wilkes-Barre. I had only intended to see LIMBO but a kind soul gifted me a ticket to the AI show. I was moved by the generosity and kindness of people I had only communicated with online. I never heard their voices, but they treated me like a long lost friend.. Because of Taylor, that weekend in Wilkes-Barre built friendships that I will carry with me forever, so it was an easy decision when Teri (cydter - my own little angel) suggested we see Taylor’s show in Myrtle Beach. The rest of my angels (Jean, Mandy, Robyn, Cheri and Heather Ann) quickly jumped on the bandwagon. I knew I wanted to do something special for them.

After all, each one of them had given me so much in their own way.
On Christmas morning a quiet, clear concept idea was whispered into my brain - do five drawings of Taylor, make note cards and give them to my friends at Myrtle Beach. What was I thinking? I had not picked up a sketchbook in over a decade. But this concept came from somewhere deep in my heart; a labor of love. With each stroke of the pencil, every shadow, every line, I became more and more excited thinking about how the girls would react when they got their gift. Never once did it cross my mind that Taylor would ever see them.
The night we arrived in Myrtle Beach, I gave the girls the note cards and they were astounded. My heart just swelled with joy to see the look on their faces. Then I showed them a print of all five drawings that a friend helped me make in the off chance that I could get it to Taylor somehow. My angels were so blown away by the artwork and through a series of events that aligned just right…the way it was meant to be… I found myself standing at the House of Blues waiting to give my gift to a man who has inspired me in ways he could never truly grasp. When he was in front of me, I felt like 5 year old handing over my present. I did all but scuff the floor with my shoes. His huge brown eyes looked from me to the print and back again. “These are the truest renditions I’ve seen yet.” Taylor was quite impressed. Every moment that I spent working on those portraits in my living room seemed like magic. The inspiration had come full circle. But it never would have been possible without those special friends by my side. Having them with me only compounded my own sense of joy. Their tears and Taylor’s warm looks and praise warmed me to my very soul.

My faith in many things has been restored. Taylor’s inspiration led me to many new and precious friends. When I let go, positive things began to happen, and much of it came from angels whose voices I’ve yet to hear.”

Wanda(aka Laurensilk) will be raffling one of her sketches soon. The money will be donated to a charity in Taylor's Hicks name ..........


Written by, Teri (Cydter)

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taylor Hicks: An Inspiration to us all!

It’s Wednesday evening, it has been six days since I saw Taylor Hicks in concert at the Chicago House of Blues. I am still in a daze, in a trance, in a hypnotic state. I am useless and non- functional. I am trying so hard to wipe the smile off my face and I can’t. So I am just smiling. My kids ruined my leather sofa, and I smiled at them. Wow!

“If you’re doing something you love, sleep can wait.” That’s what Taylor said. I loved the concert so much that I was up until the wee hours of the morning editing and uploading videos and pictures from the phenomenal concert. Taylor was on fire that night, he moved and grooved on the stage. He played the instruments, the guitar, the harp, the organ, the tambourine, most of all he was having fun. He was relentless when grabbing the audience’s attention. He commanded everyone, he conducted his band, you knew he had the time of his life. And you know, it’s pure passion, it’s what he loves doing and it radiates from him. Taylor being Taylor, what a sight to see!

The audience at the Chicago House of Blues was very pleased with Taylor. We were all so into it. That the shrieks, squeals and the screams we made you could hear from outside the room. The floor was vibrating from people stomping and jumping in pure delight. I was right smack in the middle of this event. I was in the third row. Like I mentioned although there were a couple of tall men in front of me, I managed to get an awesome view of Taylor and his god-like persona. It didn’t matter that I’m all of 5’2”, I was as tall as them, that’s what Taylor made me feel that night. He made me feel that way, whatever that feeling was.

Taylor was beautiful, his skin was creamy, his hair the color of platinum and his smile captivating. I must have felt faint several times that night every time he smiled, every time he winked, every time he looked my way. He is so powerful in that way, he doesn’t even know it. It’s good, because I want him to not be self conscious and just keep doing what he’s doing. The concert ended in what felt like a second, wow! I felt satisfied, but Taylor Hicks has a certain way to make you long for more…

But next for me is Joliet, at the Rialto theatre. My daughter Lauren who is 5 is coming with me, a big Taylor fan. I might not be able to make “Bad Girls” video with her, but we will have fun. Maybe this time, I will get a Meet and Greet!


All this talk about Taylor’s amazing God-given talent is certified true and correct. Not only does he have talent, he has humility beyond compare and the heart to boot. Taylor has pure heart for charity, children and unfortunate souls. His compassion for these people is evident with his involvement in various organizations. He is so grateful for what he has been given, that he wants to give it back. He is very special like that, he is giving like that and he is inspiring like that.

Taylor Hicks inspires me in so many different ways. Before I became a member of TOSP, I was just a fan of his. From the moment he auditioned, he had me at “I was born by the river in a little tent…” He grabbed my attention and I was drawn to this Southern guy who had given me something to look forward to each Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I was never a fan of AI and when Taylor came on, I was always telling people to watch it, happily promoting FOX. I called Taylor, my “southern comfort” minus the hang-over. And comfort he was, not only to me, but to millions of people in America.

Some of these people I met through TOSP, they were die hard fans of Taylor. These are wonderful individuals who shared a common love for this grey haired dude from Alabama, who was an unlikely superstar. You can feel the bond between the fans through that common love we have for Taylor Hicks.

With these people I have been saved from my everyday regimented existence. I love my family, but there are times when the strains of being a devoted mother and a wife can get to you. There are moments when you’ll have to be doing something different than what has been considered routine. My life was not desperately dull, but it lacked luster. I was working as a Technical Trainer for a prestigious Credit card and banking company and was so used to talking to adults, and now I sing, “I love you, you love me…I love Barney!” By the way, how sad is that when I get excited to see Greg Wiggles?

I still love Barney, and I still have a crush on Greg Wiggles but when I log in to TOSP and a couple other fan sites, I become an adult and I become very colorful and exciting. All of a sudden, my life is not regimented anymore. It is very entertaining, it maybe considered pure escapism, but I will take it. I have made friendships, built strong emotional relationships with people from these websites. We have helped each other through tough times; we have made each other smile even when the going gets tough. Most of all, we just listen, even when there really is no voice to be heard while posting and reading. That’s what makes it special.

Taylor Hicks and his influence is so powerful that I cannot have my soul sisters and brothers be in one place and I on another place. I wanted them to be where I am. I have pledged to give until it hurts just so I can share the experience of happiness to the rest of them. If this happiness is Taylor Hicks and seeing him in concert, I will find a way to get someone to see him, after all, he is the BOND that glued us all together, the Gorilla glue.

My involvement with the Angels was not coincidental, everything happened for a reason. I have often thought that there are people you meet everyday who will change your life and they have. These people who are helping people although the help we give them is limited, we make them smile and escape for a little bit. I am sharing in the joy of the experience and I am going to be involved with this group for as long as I can.

This experience during that Taylor Hicks tour cemented my concept of GIVING AND JOY. Taylor is so giving of himself. He gives his all when he performs, he gives his heart, his soul…..with that he also gives away a dream to a lot of his fans that someday, they can TAY-it forward… all the joy and happiness that Taylor and his other fans have given them.

I am tay-ing it forward, one soul at a time….whose soul is it today?

Written by: Claire (Webchic00)