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Monday, May 12, 2008

Taylors Hicks.... Boots, Blues and Barbeque!

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Hannah Home Shelby Fundraiser
by Sam Griswold

"We've probably all called Hannah Home to come get some stuff from us at one point in time," says Taylor Hicks - musical guest for the fundraising event."

Hicks even came prepared for the "Boots, Blues, & Barbecue" fundraiser: "It's a great cause...and I'm wearing the old boots, and got some blues, and I just had some barbecue."

Alongside Taylor Hicks was Alabama's first lady Patsy Riley, who was originally supposed to be there with the governor who was unable to attend. Mrs. Riley says she understands the value of what missions like Hannah Home do: "Many mothers have to leave a dangerous situation because they're not only fearful for themselves with domestic abuse, but they're very fearful for their children."

Tammy Black is a mother who's been at Hannah Home Shelby for three years.

"Being able to go through all those programs that the Hannah Home helps provide for the women there.. It's really helped me out a lot: which, it also, about a year later or so... it helped me get my son back. I mean, I almost lost custody of him," says Black.
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Tammy Black is also thankful for those who care enough to support a mission like Hannah Home.

"We wouldn't have this if it hadn't been for caring people and most of all if it hadn't been for the Lord."

In addition to long-term housing for up to 50 women and children, Hannah Home of Shelby County provides food, clothing, counseling and a number of classes and programs to help the women get back on their feet.

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Pictures by: DNET(Thanks for taking one for the team)

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