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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Taylor Hicks Fan Touches The Lives Of Children

One of the most rewarding aspects of being one of Taylor's Angels has been working with the children's charities. They are our littlest angels who deserve every bit of happiness they can have in the lives. Taylor Hicks has shown his love for children in all the various charities he has supported and continuous to work with.
A Soul Patrol member named Kimberly (KTINTN) caught my attention this past year. She is a huge supporter of Taylor Hicks and does some remarkable work with the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis. We asked Kimberly to tell us a bit about herself and her work. I think you will find what I found. An extraordinary woman with a heart full of love.

TA: If someone were to describe you, what would they say?

I had to actually ask someone else this question, as this is not one I can answer myself. LoL!
Their response: Cute, fun, smart, great friend, willing to help in any way possible, great personality, hard worker, cares for friends and her family, music lover, dedicated to helping with things that are close to her heart.

TA: How did you become a fan of Taylor Hicks?

The moment, he uttered the words "I was born by the river", I knew this was someone to watch out for. Not for just the obvious talent, but for the fact that he broke the mold of what had been pushed in front of us in previous years. Amazing talent has come out of Idol, but for me Bo Bice & Taylor Hicks were & still are the stand-outs.

TA: Have you attended any concerts ? If so, tell us your favorite memory.

A concert I have not attended, yet! Due to timing and unfortunate circumstance I could not go when he was in town for a show. That will change when he does come thru town again, hopefully in the near future. Luckily, I was able to attend his Memphis book signing. On that same day he donated a handful of signed books, CDs & a Poster Board for a Fundraiser we were having that very weekend for Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. We thank you again, Taylor.

TA: Has Taylor inspired you in any particular area of your life?

I was already involved in charity work before Taylor came along, but like many others, it was not until he did, that I used music, good music, his music to help promote the different events we have held & will continue to hold. We have also shared his music as well as others by donating their albums to those who could not acquire it themselves.

TA: You volunteer for various charities. Can you tell us about that and why charitable giving is so important to you? How did you become involved with each of them?

I volunteer w/ a handful of our local children's charities; Ronald McDonald House of Memphis being closest to my heart. As a child, I myself had spent time long periods of time in the hospital for unrelated reasons. We had visitors from different organizations and even though I was young, I appreciated what they did for us. Thru the years, I realized that this experience had only made me stronger mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Knowing what a child can go thru in a challenging time in their young life, I'm now able to give back. If there is anyway for me to help and make it easier on them, then that is what I need to & will do.

TA: What do you consider to be your strongest attribute that has helped you deal with life's challenges?

One word, FAITH. To quote George Michael, "you got to have Faith". My faith in myself & the lord above is the main reason why I have the ability thru my disability to go thru everyday life.

TA: What are your hobbies and what do you enjoy doing with your free time?

Good music obviously, travelling when possible. I'm also a major movie & art buff. Plus, when time permits I like to squeeze in a good book and a round of 'Outburst' & or Poker w/ friends.

There is no better donation than a donation from the heart. Whether you are giving of your time, or generously providing an in-kind or a monetary donation. Taylor's Angels wishes to thank Kimberly for answering our questions and wish her well as she continues her wonderful work.

Upcoming events for the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis:
03/13/08 to 03/14/08 -- RMH Radiothon 2008

Summertime (Date TBA) -- RMH Big Scoop Ice Cream Festival


Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Memphis (RMH) is a 501( c ) 3 charity, and while it proudly serves St. Jude families, it is not a St. Jude facility. The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis must raise its own funds through donations and special events to support the $2 million plus per year operating budget. In addition to operating expenses, the House took on an expansion debt in 1999 to accommodate other families in need; we are still working to pay down this debt. Another major misconception about the Ronald McDonald House is that it is operated by the McDonald’s Corporation. While McDonald’s Corporation along with our local Owner/Operators are very generous to the House, we only receive about 9% of our total operating budget from these entities. At the Ronald McDonald House, families can sleep in a warm bed, take a shower in their private bathroom and prepare and eat meals in a spacious, cheerful kitchen. Families, also, have access to a fitness room, meditation room, one of three laundry rooms, a park with playground, a basketball court, and a pavilion. More importantly, families find the support and comfort of others who share the experience of having a very sick child. All families stay free of charge.

Written by: Cydter

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KarinP said...

This is a wonderful story about someone who really likes to give back because she knows how important it is.

Kimberley, I really enjoyed reading about you and kudoes to you for everything that you do to help the children.

The world needs more people like you. I do hope that you have an opportunity to see Taylor in concert the next time he is in your area.

Thanks for sharing the things that you do! You are a great role model!

RagsQueen said...

This is a great story! I remember seeing Kimberly at the book signing and Taylor coming over to take a picture with her! Taylor and St. Jude are fortunate to have her support!

Renee said...

Thank you for reconizing kimberly and what she does for charities and to help sick children and thier families. I know first hand how it feels to be away from home in a hosp and no family around. The Ronald Mcdonald homes do so much for a lot of people it lends people support and somewhere to sleep. I have never stayed in one but met so many people through the hospitals and I saw the relief in thier eyes to have this extra support. kimberly you are truly remarkable and I know you will be blessed as you have blessed others. I also pray that you see Taylor in concert very soon..

Anonymous said...

What a special person. I am so proud of our community. Thanks Angels for highlighting a truly special fan and a wonderful member of the human race.